Teen texts dad during robbery, tells him to call 911

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Amazing wherewithal by a 15-year-old Buffalo Grove high school sophomore  got a convicted criminal back behind bars and his family safe and sound.

Craig Lane and his family were in the city on Sunday evening for a little dinner and dancing.

With a little time to spare the family stopped inside Cassava’s in the 3300 block of North Clarke for smoothies and coffee. The cafe at the time was out of decaf so Craig walked out to find some elsewhere..

That’s when trouble walked in.  A man, hooded and acting strange went after the waitress demanding money. He told 15-year-old Nathan, his 10-year-old sister Rebecca and his mother, the only patrons inside the café, to get into the bathroom.

Nathan quickly sent his dad a text from his moms phone before the would-be robber grabbed his phone.  The text warned his father of the robbery and told him to call 911.  Nathan smartly deleted the text the moment he sent it..

His father received the text and called 911 and 43-year-old Willam Castle was arrested and charged aggravated robbery, unlawful restraint, kidnapping and attempted robbery.

He has a lengthy record for rape, kidnapping and robbery and recently spent 16 years in prison.

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1 Comment

  • Todd pardee

    Now just think if someone there was concealed carry…..save a lot of time, trouble and taxpayer money spent to house this guy another 16+ years.

    Concealed carry now’!!