Suit filed after police shoot and kill man

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A federal lawsuit claims Chicago police officers wrongfully shot a man and taunted his relatives with racial slurs.

It started with an armed robbery on Dec. 15. The alleged getaway vehicle crashed near 55th and Ashland. All of the suspects got away except Jamaal Moore, 23. Police said he was involved in a violent encounter with officers and was shot and killed. At the time, officers believed Moore had a gun. Police Supt. Garry McCarthy later said Moore had a flashlight.

“They shot him in the back. Not once, but twice,” said Moore’s mother, Gwendolyn Moore, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday.

The family filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department, Supt. McCarthy, and 4 officers alleging misconduct.  The lawsuit claims some officers repeatedly used the n-word when talking to Moore’s relatives at the scene.

“I honestly see very little difference between the Jim Crow of the 50’s and 60’s and here in Chicago, where police are shooting young black men, claim they have weapons, and nothing is found,” said attorney, Sam Adam, Jr.

After the shooting, a crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene, angry about Moore’s death. Police say some people refused to leave and threw bricks and bottles at police cars. Five men were charged with mob action.

Chicago police would not comment on the lawsuit. A spokesperson for the Independent Police Review Authority says the case remains under investigation.

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  • Brandon

    You live by the sword, you die by the sword. If he wouldn't have been participating in criminal activity, he would still be alive. So no condolences here, it's amazing how they always depict these clowns as "such a good person", but they were robbing a house, person, or commiting other criminal acts.

    • rhoda lumpkin

      We have a justice system in place for those who commit crimes. The police are NOT supposed to be executioneers. Even if he was a participant in criminal activity, he did not deserve the death penalty for what was going on at the time. Condolences ARE in order for his family.

    • Arthur

      first of all how do we know they participated in anything, you only have the word of the police who had just murdered an unarmed person. Look at all the high profile cases of abuse, the one thing they all have in common is the "Official Version of Events" always changes. When your version of events changes in the line of questioning they call you a liar, when their version changes, it's called being thorough.

  • Craig

    If his family raised him better, he wouldn’t be out commiting robberies. Police were legal but the family will still get money. He’s worth more to his family now than when he was alive.

    • ismael

      Yes, You are right.The family is happy He is dead in two ways, He won't be a nuisance anymore and now His death will bring in some money.

    • Arthur

      shooting an unarmed person in the back may be f'ing legal but it is morally repugnant. And it's cases like this I pray for a God to stand in judgment of these murdering f'cks. I mean the 5th commandment does not leave room for interpretation or exceptions.

  • Tired of the Morons

    If he wouldn't have been committing crimes and fighting with the cops he wouldn't be dead. Congratulations CPD, now I won't have to pay for his vacation in prison. This is nothing more than a loud mouth lawyer and a family trying to steal on a larger scale now.

  • Deb

    Horrible horrible> shot in the back? Why not the arm or leg? Lets not just question how the young man was raised but question how the cops were raised. Those cops become so trigger happy, and they enjoy intimidation tactics.

    • sharong4

      They are so worried about how someone is raised. He may have been committing a robbery, but look at the police Sergeant's son who helped kill 2 men, Black men, and tried to dismember their bodies. How was he raised? They even had to nerve to sit there with the dead bodies and play video games. What do their families deserve? They weren't criminals. The problem with all of you are you are looking at color. The Black have always had it harder but when it comes to the Whites, you SOB's want to turn your heads.

  • Brian

    HERE WE GO WITH THE BLACKS HAVING IT SO HARD. If they would raise their kids better and only blame themselves when "lil ray ray" gets locked up. "He only shot those other boys because his school doesn't get enough money, or because there aren't any programs in our area to keep him off the street, and lets not forget my personal favorite, his dad wasn't in his life. I didnt have any of those things but I stayed out of trouble, because what I did have was a MOM who taught me right from wrong and kept me in check. The police need to start shooting more often if you ask me, maybe then they'll learn, but we all know they won't.

    • rhoda lumpkin

      You can raise a child correctly and things still go wrong. It is not ALWAYS the parents fault. I dont buy the "no school money, programs or no dad in life" either. I was also raised by a single mom and my two sons were raised by me. One is in the navy (career 18 years and counting) and the other is the head of the activity department at a major nursing home. Either way, commiting a crime, going thru the justice system and serving your time is not like being given the death sentence from a policeman. This is wrong on many levels and as long as people sit back with attitudes like yours it will continue.

  • Jim Crow

    ….looks like they just got their ghetto lottery ticket. this thug just created an armed robbery, had a criminal record a mile long, too bad he got shot. i wonder if his sisters took acting lesson to have those little tears because their thug brother is dead.

  • Marley from Chicago

    its like this,

    The family is taking advantage of a bad situation on both sides. They know that the corruption and scandals that are going on in the CPD have and will continue to be exploited by media and the people.
    Though we see dude as a criminal, they see him as a brother, son friend, whoever. We all got that nothing a** family member or friend that we love no matter what.

    they will get some money because this is a public suit now. CPD is falling apart with suits and will be paying people for the next 10 years. if they were acting to protect themselves and the people its messed up because the story make them seem bad and I already hate the police.

  • cubie hullum

    people who work in law enforcement are not drafted, they also have rules like u cant shoot unarmed does not matter how it happened, black or white dose not matter at this point. someone died and police killed them and he wasnt armed, cop wont go to jail that would be wrong, he should be fired and the family should be paid….not much he was in the process of running from police but his death shows how low the standards are in law enforcement……we need expert law enforce, i watched a cop zap an old woman another cop football tackled a teenage girl….grown men…expert law enforcement

  • GibsMeDatChedda

    I'm sure he was a "goot boy"….this is no loss to the world….now his mammy and granmas can get dem selves a Cadillac, menthol smokes, and plenty of extra cash for scratch off lottery tickets….

    • Eracism

      Yeah, well, let's see how you'd feel if it was one of your kind. This divisive rhetoric is stupid and has no place in the public discourse. I dare you to show up to a community discussion, church, or city council meeting and express the same opinion, you anonymous piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    All of u liberal fu**s should be in the ground with this piece of garbage. Can’t wait til one of you are the victim of one of these animals and then u might be singing a different tune

  • Jane

    All of u liberal fu**s should be right in the ground with this piece of garbage. Can't wait til one of u r the victim of these animals- then you'll b singin a different tune. Bleeding heart liberals make me sick. That's why you're all such a bunch of pussies who sit at home and put in ur 2 cents from the safety of ur house- too scared to ever be the police or serve ur country in the military. Let me guess- u all grew up in wilmette and never even seen a black person til u moved to the city and thought u were cool

    • Arthur

      Listen Hanoi jane, you piece of conservative garbage. We have this thing called the bill of rights. It's what separates us from other countries, you might want to take a look at it some time.

    • The Anti-Jane

      The world is moving on without dinosaurs like you. Go ahead and stay in your echochamber of conservative talking points. The rest of us will try to be a community and make sure that our elected officials and police represent our values, not the values of the privileged and powerful.

  • dorothy

    its typical to judge with us only knowing what they want us to know i know first hand that we give the cpd to much power and they run with it my cousin was beat and killed after a traffic stop only because he was related to my brother who was beaten as well and sued them and won not all police officer do wrong but the ones that day leave a bad taste in ur mouth for the good ones!!!


    We love you Jamaal!! Im so happy to see that your death will not be in vain.. Be in peace until we meet again!! i love you bro!! For now AND FOREVER

  • Logic and Reason

    Why is it misconduct for police, but it is a hate crime or murder for the rest of us? Racial hate or profiling of any kind is the highest level of ignorance.