7 dead as cold snap continues

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CaptureChicago’s cold snap continued Tuesday with single-digit temperatures and a bitter wind.

The city uses nights like tonight to get an accurate count of the homeless living in Chicago.  The count happens every two years on nights when it’s cold and people living on the streets often head indoors.  Volunteers filled a west side warming center ready to tally the heads of the homeless in Chicago.

Downtown shoppers, newsstand salesmen, cyclists and postmen and women all worked through the wicked weather.

But many are living in the elements 24 hours a day. So the city of Chicago has opened 6 warming centers and 21 senior facilities to take care of the aging and the homeless. 7 cold related deaths in Cook County alone are proof enough the temperatures pose a true threat.

311 phone lines are also open.  If you need help, resources are in place so you can get it.

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  • C Lynn Hawkins

    I'm a 60 years old, Black Female, homeless person. I've been call 311 and submitted applications for low income housing. No responds or no available. I just need a roof over my head . Until can find another job. When I call 311 or other place people act like they can't or don't want to HELP ME. I don't drink or do drugs. I'm just on a fixed income for the moment. I'm in training for a new job, which I will complete in 4-6 months. But right now I need a warm place to live. Do you know of any places that will or can HELP me? I can be contact at: loliver69@hotmail.com
    If and when you or anyone else reply at this email I will forward you or them my cell phone number.

    • Barbara Harvey

      ohhhh, Lynn . . . there are 19 homeless shelters in Palatine, IL, about 30 mi from Chicago . . . They are operated through a non-profit organization called "Journeys: From Pads To Hope . . " .i know someone in the Chicagoland area who has volunteered for this organization in the recent past, and i believe you can find their number in a regular Chicagoland phone book . . . If you can't find the number or can't reach them for any reason, PLEASE contact me at nuvawriter@yahoo.com and i will get in touch with the person i know and get the number for you . . God be with you and take care of you . . .