Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson among stars at inauguration

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It was a veritable who’s who of American politics. They are the celebrities of Washington D.C. from every party, from every coast– there to witness the swearing in of President Barack Obama for his second term.

A touch of Hollywood was there, too– and then, after the ceremony and the luncheon and the famous walk at the parade. America’s politician with rock star status greeted onlookers who came out in the cold just for a glimpse on this historic day.

Choirs sang as A-list politicians, present and past, filled the stands–people such as former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

The president’s inner circle from Chicago– family, friends and fellow lawmakers had a front row seat.

Everybody wants to know: the first lady was wearing a navy coat and dress by “Up and Coming” American designer Thom Browne– understated, yet edgy.  Mr. and Mrs. Obama were joined by their daughters Malia and Sasha.  The table was set and the guests were all there.

Together, they sang– they prayed and they listened as Vice President Joe Biden, then President Barack Obama, took their oaths to serve the nation for four more years.

The President’s speech lasted 19 minutes and covered everything from equal rights to economic recovery. Climate change to the message of Martin Luther King Junior- this on a day the nation celebrates the birth of the civil rights leader.

Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson gave the ceremony a touch of Hollywood.  She was followed by friend to the president Beyoncé Knowles hitting it out of the ballpark with her rendition of the National Anthem.

It all ended with a 21 gun salute before special guests attended a formal luncheon where the President and First Lady fueled with lobster and bison before they took to the cold parade route in Washington.

There –thousands of well-wishers lined the streets, screamed and hollered, many of them out there before the sun came up Monday morning.

Then–the magic moment the frozen had been waiting for: along Pennsylvania Avenue — the first couple, for the first time in their second term, got out of the motorcade and walked the route for eight minutes–hand in hand. The crowd went wild.

This day marks the beginning of the President’s next chapter.  A day filled with cheers and support– for tomorrow, it is back to business– the business of a nation with so much to accomplish on Obama’s watch.

There was one emotional moment following the swearing in ceremony. When the president was exiting the capital– he turned around to look back at the sea of people gathered for that moment.  For about 30 seconds he stood and stared– almost in amazement saying he’ll never see this sight again.

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  • truegrit

    I confess. I loved it. I loved it all. I loved the process of walking through the tunnel. I loved waiting to see what Michelle would be wearing. I personally think most of that stuff she wears is ugly but I love her panache. I love the PDA between the President and Biden from the fist bumping to the finger pointing to the hugging. I even liked seeing Boehner's repartee with the President. Oh, and I just loved Michelle rolling her eyes at Boehner. I loved seeing hundreds of thousands of people standing out in the cold for this inauguration. But what I absolutely loved the best was seeing all the races and nationalities at this rainbow event. Wasn't it just wonderful? And now I understand why and how Obama won again. He included everyone in a universal message of this is the way you spell A M E R I C A. OK, inauguration over. Let's get back to the name calling and b?itchin and fiscal cliff and debt ceiling.

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