Inauguration Day: Chicago students heading to Washington D.C.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

On tonight’s WGN News at Five, I spent the morning at Alcott Elementary in Lincoln Park. A group of 17 students, along with their social studies teacher Jennifer Vincent, will be heading to Washington D.C. this weekend for President Obama’s second Inauguration celebration.

It’s part of a travel program the teacher has implemented. Another group of her students traveled to Washington last year. My feature on how they’re getting there and what it means for the students will be posted above after it airs.

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  • LeShawn Valu

    Wonder how much their rich and influentional daddys "donated" to the schoold board to get their kids this trip?
    A school in Lincoln Park?
    Why not a school in Bronzeville or Englewood?

    • Clare

      Hey this is clare who happends to b interviewed in tht video and im raised in a single family home and i live in south shore. i think tht that comment is very untrue because alcott is a very diverse school. I have no dad because im adopted. My dad might have been a drug dealer i dont know. so thts not always true

    • Clare

      and actually, most of the kids in my class whos going r struggling to pay off this trip. i have been on a payment plan for months so i dont think thts rich.

    • Blair

      Wow okay well you obviously have no idea what so ever about those kids because as JV said it was planned. And their parent probably worked just as hard as everyone else. And just because they are on the top ten schools happen to be in Lincoln park I doesn't mean anything. So why don't you not be soo " judge mental "

    • Dave

      The students' families paid for this trip. The school board had nothing to do with it other than to ok it. Sure, there's income inequality and families in Bronzeville may not have been able to afford this opportunity, but no one's daddy influenced anything. Your comment belittles the hard work of a very dedicated teacher.

    • MAA

      I happen to be the mama of one of the children going on the trip. You are SOOO JUDGEMENTAL!!! You really do NOT know what you are talking about. It has been a sacrifice to pay for the trip but I value my daughter and her life experience. We don't live in Lincoln Park but in South Shore and there is no "…rich and influential daddy..". My child is raised in a household with a single mom.

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