Democrats complain about NRA school security ad

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

As President Obama begins pressing Congress to pass new gun control measures, the president and his fellow Democrats are bristling over an ad by the National Rifle Association that criticizes Obama for refusing to allow an armed security guard at every school.

Last month’s mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut prompted the latest crusade for gun restrictions.

Obama’s daughters have Secret Service protection at their private school in Washington, D.C.;  the NRA ad says Obama is an elitist hypocrite for denying other children a degree of armed protection.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said she believes it is inappropriate to involve the president’s children in the gun-rights debate; White House press secretary Jay Carney called the NRA ad repugnant and cowardly.

The NRA says it will work with Congress to find solutions to gun violence; but it says, “Attacking firearms and ignoring children is not the answer.”

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  • adam

    Not only do they have Secret Service, the school itself has an armed security of at least 10 guards and according to the school’s website is looking to hire more . . .

  • pagan69

    I find it interesting how when the light is brought to bear the Democrats, they Circle the Wagons with the help of our non-biased media. For over 140 years the NRA’s main focus has been on training and competition, who do you think trained a large percentage of soldiers for WWI and WWII? Today the media and the gun grabbers need ‘something’ to point a finger at. No one that belongs to the NRA is responsible for Sandy Hook let me repeat that no one. Take a look at the Mental Health Comity that has been required since 2008 to report the Wackadoodles to Instant Check. If you would do a little digging you would know that, I for one have grown ashamed of what the media has become in this country.

  • Sadsack

    You are right in saying the democrats…Yell until thier rice bowl is broken …Then Oh my God Lord save us……All Huff and Puff no real man in the bunch of them…….Play the no me card………..If life is so tough then why is Ill the only state that is behind the rest of the country……With gun control ,,,,,,,Reform on state bud and the list goes on….HEHEHHEHEHHE I hope the Democracts get a ass whuppin to learn lifes lessons…….

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