Strike begins for Grayslake, District 46 teachers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Teachers from north suburban school District 46 are now on strike after failing to reach a deal with the school board by the midnight deadline.

As a result, the more than 300 teachers will hit the picket line Wednesday morning.

Nearly 4,000 elementary and middle school students will not have class Wednesday.

The teachers had been working without a contract since July.

Salary remained the big sticking point in the final hours of talks.

The district includes eight schools in Grayslake, third lake, Hainesville, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park and Lake Villa.

The latest info can be found at

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  • get real

    Come on we have to work 180 days a year we want more money. Its too bad that their are so many that don't have jobs or have to take a pay cut to keep their job. We have your children and we want more of your money. When we retire it will be hard to make it on 80% of what we make now. You know 60-80 thousand a year doesn't go as far. Can you spell GREEDY

    • Jarusha

      Let me know when you can be in a classroom for more than a "visit" an help mold these young minds as they learn….being a teacher is NO JOKE! Yes, some districts pay well, but it doesn't mean anything. We may be "contracted" 180 days, but I haven't met a teacher yet, who didn't work the other 185 days a year preparing for the 180 in the classroom. Or how about those days that teachers are required for professional development days, giving up the "student day off" to spend with their families or children at home, to prepare ways to make the classroom the best that it can be. You have NO IDEA what it means to be a teacher. GREEDY is far from that idea. They are responsible for high test scores, they are responsible for teaching our children life skills 5 days a week, apparently, you didn't have any respect for your teachers, except that payday was at the end of the month and it was "just" a job to them. Far from it!

      • Paul

        Part of the job of being a teacher. Thought it was passion that drove you guys into teaching? Please stop complaining, every job has its own pressures and downsides. The federal government is broke, the states are broke too, and the cities as well. Is 60-80K annual salary not enough? C'mon guys, at least be thankful youstill have jobs in this struggling economy, while most are unemployed or underemployed. Please stop asking for more, be contend with what you have and stop using the children as hostages in this mess.

  • Paul Sprenger

    Annual Pay Raises for the Past 13 years:

    D46 Teachers – Everybody Else
    99-00 9.98% – Average US Worker raise in '99 – 5.3%
    00-01 6.54% – Average US Worker raise in '00 – 5.2%
    01-02 5.78% – Average US Worker raise in '01 – 2.3%
    02-03 5.84% – Average US Worker raise in '02 – 1.0%
    03-04 5.39% – Average US Worker raise in '03 – 2.4%
    04-05 6.37% – Average US Worker raise in '04 – 4.4%
    05-06 5.20% – Average US Worker raise in '05 – 3.5%
    06-07 5.21% – Average US Worker raise in '06 – 4.4%
    07-08 5.20% – Average US Worker raise in '07 – 4.3%
    08-09 3.96% – Average US Worker raise in '08 – 2.2%
    09-10 3.96% – Average US Worker raise in '09 – (-1.5%)
    10-11 2.75% – Average US Worker raise in '10 – 2.3%
    11-12 3.96% – Average US Worker raise in '11 – 3.0%
    (source for Average US Worker raise – National Average Wage Index)

    To put that in perspective…A D46 teacher who started in 1999 at $35,000 would now be earning $69,189, not including step or lane changes.

    The same average US Worker starting at the same time at $35,000 would now be earning $51,196, not including any promotions.

    Seems teachers have been on a pretty good ride…pay raises that outpace the average American for at least the past 13 years and a pay raise every year for 30 consecutive years.

    In addition to this, District 46 pays 95% of the health insurance premiums for an PPO and 100% of their health insurance premiums for a PPO. It looks like we have a bunch of spoiled babies being sheepishly led by the union – which loves their entitlements! Don't we ask teachers to think for themselves and not succumb to peer pressure and retaliation fear of the unions and their coworkers? Makes you wonder what caliber of person we truly have teaching our kids?? Maybe they would be better off without them……

    While they do a good job (and in some cases an outstanding job) it is very hard to be supportive of them going on strike over money…money the taxpayers just don't have.

    Now, we need to change the laws. We SHOULD be able to fire teachers that go on strike and don't want to teach. Call your state representatives to get that ball rolling.

    • Paul Sprenger

      My apologies for the correction – District 46 pays 95% of the teachers health insurance premiums for a PPO and 100% if they choose an HMO.

  • Mary

    Wait….. they are working without a contract…give them 24 hours to cross the picket line. Those that do keep…. the rest fire. They are setting a terrible example to their students by walking out on their responsibilities, leaving their students high and dry, to throw a public tantrum to get what they want at the tax payers expense. In the private sector we would have been replaced before we walked out the door adn would not have been let back in.

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