Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • tom lia

    Great comment showing the speed of flashover and that the chief said it was just the contents burning ie a couch and a chair, we appreciate you showing the need for smoke detectors and fire sprinklers in a residential occupancy. Nice educational piece! thanks

  • David M. Whitfield

    This type of demonstration is the best way to see how quickly the fire escalates, including the smoke and super heated air which kills most victims, until flshover is reached. A residential fire sprinkler applying water as soon as the temperature at the ceiling reached activation temperature would have put water on the fire immediately making this just another succcefull fire sprinkler system activation with barely a blip on the media coverage.

  • Terry Campbell

    As a Village official I was amazed at how little damage was done in the sprinklered side. I am glad we require these in Glenwood. Tom was removing the plastic within seconds and the firefighters did not need their hose. Municipalities can save water and lives a no brainer!

  • Mike Wheeler

    Great demonstration. Nice job in explaining the time differential bewtween the start of the fire and the arrival of the first engine. It truly showed the speed at which the fire will grow in size and intensity. Factors that many people discount in their daily lives. Everyone's safety is best secured with a residential fire sprinkler system coupled with working smoke alarms. As a fire officer, I have seen countless fires where the lack of even a working smoke detector proved to have drastic consequences.

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