Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition – Part 2

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Kay Feeley

    The suggestion by the Fire Chief that someone could be back in their home quickly after a fire where there is a sprinkler by simply using a wet vac is a huge exaggeration. The stench of smoke that infiltrates a home when there is a fire, even if just for a few minutes, requires extensive cleaning that takes days and sometimes weeks to perform. This whole piece struck me as a promotional video for companies that install fire sprinklers. I thought WGN was a news station.

    • G. I. Know

      This whole comment struck me as a promotional reply from someone who repairs smoke damage or sells the latest and greatest wet vac.

  • David

    Having lived in two homes with sprinklers – one was a new home and the second was a retrofit – I would never live, stay or sleep in a facility that does not have fire sprinklers. In a propoerly installed and maintained facility with fire sprinklers I have a much better chance to survive a fire situation. If firre sprinklers are not as good as "advertised" why are they the number one discount offered on homeowenr insurance. If you polled the Fire Fighter in every town and asked them their opionon fire sprinklers they would have a higher apporval rate than any other life safety and buildign protection device out there.

  • Don

    Kay Feely, you just don't get! Fire Sprinklers save lives. There maybe some smell but the fact is your alive to smell it. You must be a home builder that is opposed to Sprinklers.

  • David

    Don – could not agree more – two families in our neighborhood were displaced by fire – onne lost a family dog in the fire. The houses were basically torn back to studs and rebuilt – 6 to 8 months they were out of their home. Not to mention lost family photos and heirlooms. Minor smoke issues are nothing compared to heart ache and loss after a horrendous occurance like a house fire. Also you see news reports of fire sprinkkler activatiosnand businesses being back up and in busineess with in 24 hours.

  • Firewoman

    Hey Feeley, it your world maybe 20 seconds (the time it took the sprinkler to activate in the demonstration) is a few minutes, not in my world. The fact is that we, as firefighters, have done plenty of water mop up, clear the light smoke with a fan, and back in you go. I don't think you really know anything about fire so don't speak as if you do.

  • G.I. Know

    you can learn…..or you can burn.

    FACT: based on national averages, without smoke alarms or fire sprinklers, fire growth is unrestricted in as little as 8 minutes. No one survives flashover.

    What % of the overall cost of your home is your life or the life of a loved one worth?

    The "choice" is always yours……

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