Chicago officials praise Obama’s plan; Gun owners’ reaction mixed

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Will the proposed gun legislation make a difference in our area, improve Chicago’s homicide rate? That all depends on who you ask.

At Illinois Gun Works in Elmwood Park, bullets are flying tonight like they do every night at the shooting range. And so are gun owner’s opinions about the president’s proposed gun legislation.

Don Mastrianni owns the shop and can’t keep guns or ammunition in stock. His empty cases say it all. He has  6 or 7 guns for sale right now. He typically stocks hundreds at a time. He credits politicians for making sales so brisk.

Mastrianni and others say the presidents proposed legislation squeezes the wrong people and threatens the constitution.  He also says it makes the prices of guns go up and the availability of ammo go down. Legit buyers who buy legally are looking for clarification.

But Chicago leaders are praising President Obama’s push for gun control, as the city struggles with spikes in the homicide rate. The proposed legislation has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with reducing crime and killings right here in Chicago.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel took the opportunity today to ask a graduating class of police recruits to do their part –like the president is doing his part– to change the statistics. Emanuel thinks the president’s proposed gun legislation is a great first step for Chicago.

Chicago police superintendent Gary McCarthy makes a distinction in the debate about gun laws. One he thinks is greatly misunderstood.

“When people talk about stricter gun laws, it’ not about the legal guns, it’s about illegal gun purchases.  That’s where we are getting lost here,” he said.

Cook County officials concur. Sheriff dart and county board president Toni Preckwinkle relieved aid in the form of a political rescue is coming their way.

“This should have been done decades ago,” Dart said.

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  • CantStandLiars

    McCarthy himself stated a couple of days ago that 90% of all gun purchases are straw buyers buying to sell to illegal purchasers. Now this article says only about 25% of gun sales are straw purchases. I don't believe it's even that high, but Mccarthy must be high to try and sell us his lines if bulls#*!, along with the media not caring about facts and just fanning the flames of lies to try and attract attention for itself. Guns are not the problem. Insane people stealing guns is the problem, and here in Chicago its young black gang bangers shooting other black gang bangers without giving a rats ass about any new gun laws being passed.

  • Joe L.

    Of course the minions of Emanuel agree…he's their boss and do as they are told…I'm a retired Chicago Police Officer…more restrictions on law abiding citizens will do nothing to stop the slaughter in our streets. Mentally ill people who ultimately commit suicide after their rampage do not care the legal consequence of their action is….they're dead! There needs to be action on the issue of mental health.

  • CantStandLiars

    Oh yeah, there's also young hispanic gang bangers shooting other young hispanic gang bangers too. Are there any young white gang bangers out there shooting other young white gang bangers? I haven't heard of that one so much, but if any gang banger shoots and kills another gang banger I say, "Good Riddance."

  • CantStandStupid

    Young black gang bangers killing young black gang bangers..,
    Young hispanic gang bangers killing young hispanic gang bangers..,

    I agree. Who cares?!!!

    "Are there any young white gang bangers out there shooting other young white gang bangers?
    I haven't heard of that one so much."

    Well I don't hear so much of that either, but what I do hear a lot of is, whites massacring elementary schools, high schools, collage campuses and movie theaters.

  • CantStandStupid

    The "fact" is.., it's not a gun issue and it's definitely not a "race" issue. It's an issue that should be handled accordingly, based on the circumstances that the individual(s) involved, by his/her actions, created.

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