WATCH LIVE: Chicago City Council meets as teachers strike looms

Victims of police misconduct could get $33 million

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Chicago taxpayers will pay $33 million dollars in the settlement of two police misconduct cases.

If approved by, the full city council it is believed to be the single largest payments of its kind in Chicago’s history.

Today, the city council finance committee approved the settlements of the two cases.

In one case, a woman was left to survive in the projects on her own after Chicago police dropped her there in 2006. Now in her late 20’s, Christina Eilman will get $22.5 million dollars. Police dropped the bipolar woman from California at a housing project in May of that year. She was  sexually assaulted at knifepoint before falling seven stories. Today, she is permanently disabled.

In the other case, and a man sent to prison for 26 years for a murder he did not commit. 59-year-old Alton Logan stands to receive $10 million dollars after police covered up evidence in a 1982 murder that put him behind bars for 26 years. Andrew Wilson later confessed to the crime .but until Wilson’s death, former police commander Jon Burge’s men blamed Logan.

The full city council is set to vote on the settlement on Thursday. The lawyer for  Eilman does not want to speak until the vote comes through.

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  • Kimberly Jones

    A Lot Ot The Scumb Bags They Call Police Are Dirty Cops Let’s Not Act Surprised They Are Just As If Not Worse Then The Criminals!!! Now The Taxpayers Have To Pay For It!!

  • EndPoliceCorruption

    There are so many criminal cops out there. We've created a facebook page in efforts to end police corruption in a small vacation town in Texas. A new Press Release in the local rag is stating Police Chief Scott Burroughs, Port Aransas TX is threatening legal action against admins of anti-police corruption facebook page for exposing his department's illegal behaviors. Please support and "LIKE" our facebook page.

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