Grayslake, District 46 teachers on strike

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Teachers in School District 46 are officially on strike Wednesday morning after failing to reach a deal with the school district Tuesday night.

Parents will be notified by phone and on the district website.

Teachers in School District 46 and the teachers union met in the far northern suburbs Tuesday night in a final attempt to agree on a contract before a strike Wednesdaymorning.  The two sides have been negotiating on and off for the better part of the last year.  The last contract ended in July.

At the heart of the negotiation is teacher pay. Teachers came down from their original offer and are looking for an increase of less than two percent.   The district wants no raises and has offered a $1000 stipend instead.

District 46 has seven schools that serve parts of Grayslake, Third Lake, Hainesville, Round Lake, Round Lake Park, Round Lake Beach and Lake Villa.

325 teachers and nearly 4000 elementary students would be affected.  The district plans to open two schools in Grayslake and Hainesville with adult supervision. so students have a place to go.

The district has made preparations to keep Meadowview School in Grayslake and Prairieview School in Hainesville open and staffed with adults for children who need someplace safe to spend their days.

The latest info can be found at

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  • Black Betty

    To the Man with the Bears Hat-

    I would like to compliment you on your pointless ramble. Did they not have anyone better to interview or were you begging to be on TV? Based on your comments you pretend to be a concerned parent, but really could care less. Congrats, you were just broadcasted as the town idiot. I look forward to working to pay for your child's welfare check.

  • vanessa

    Black betty your an idiot this isnt about being on TV this is about our kids not being able to go to school and us parents having to take off work obviously you dont have kids.

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