Police locate mother of boy found alone in Englewood

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police have located the parent of a little boy found alone in Englewood, Tuesday morning.

Detectives are interviewing the mother to determine the circumstances leading to the child found unsupervised.

Someone called police after seeing the child running down the sidewalk in the 7200 block of South Hermitage shortly before midnight.

The boy is believed to be three or four-years-old.

More details as they become available.

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  • Sam

    I don't know the circumstances and I know how hard it is to keep your eyes on your kids at all times. That being said I never stop paying attention long enough to let them get too far. Bad parenting. Why was he up after midnight? DCFS

    • brenda

      My son did just this, he left the house in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep. I didn't even hear him and I am a super light sleeper! When asked why he did that, he replied that he wanted to go "all by himself". He thought he was being a big boy. Scared the hell out of me, I installed alarms on the doors after that!

  • Brenda

    Maybe the parents were in the bed asleep and had no idea he left the house? That doesn't equal bad parenting. We all have to sleep.

  • mary

    I don't know a 3 or 4 year old may open a door and go out on his own, but this child had on a sweater coat and hat not sure he would think to do all that my grands all have to be reminded to put on all their clothes, I'll be interested to hear what the parents say

  • Shellvy

    If the boy snuck out that is one thing. My children are 2 & 4 and know how to get dressed and put their hats & gloves on. Thankfully I have two dogs that would not have let them get out the door. However, if the mom was drunk, on drugs, not in the home, etc. then its a whole different matter!

      • Brianna

        Yeah, and what evidence do you have to back up that ignorant comment? None I suppose, since you are probably some middle aged, unemployed nobody, sitting at the local library getting your nut off by making such uncalled for comments! How do you like it?

  • Anonymous

    well being that i know the parent and got the full story on the issue, its funny how some of you all would post remarks so negative! its ashame how we as people think of our own kind! the 3yr actually took off his pjs and put his clothes on proclaiming that he wanted to go to school like his big brother, no knowing that it was actually 11pm… yes she made a mistake of going to sleep and believing that her child was in the bed safe and sound and not knowing that he was capable of opening the door to go explore the greater chicago area! yes its a sad situation, but i believe we should all be thankful that he’s safe and sound, being that we all know we live in a soceity were children are no longer safe! lets just be positive folks, is it that freaking hard!!

    • sharong4

      Thank God the child is safe. But if he wanted to go to school like his big brother, he should have known it was dark outside and you don't go to school in the dark, unless his big brother is in High School and leaves very early in the morning. If I hear someone walking in my house, no matter what age, I get up. A child is going to bump into something, cut on a light or do something to let you know that someone in the house is moving around.

  • not necessary

    Praise GOD the baby is safe! Most of our living arrangements vary. This may have been a wake up call for the mother. GOD works in mysterious ways.

    • Brianna

      Sam, you know only what you've read. If you were half as intelligent as the little boy, you would know that it's procedure in a case like this, that the mother would be charged with child endangerment! It also doesn't mean that she will be convicted! What happened to innocent, until proven guilty? I suggest you get a life. You just sound more and more ignorant!

  • Wendy

    Praise the woman that saw the child and did something about it! She is to be commended. Let us be vigilant in our own communities and help keep everyone safe.

  • BigBossUnc

    How would you feel if that happened to one of your family members or yourself. People that dont even know this young mother shouldnt be quick to judge some body. I know how my nephews are and they are brilliant smart kids. For a three year old that has an older brother, he matured a lot quicker then others. For the parents that baby there children all the time and don't allow or teach their children to do simple tasks such as dressing themselves, sure your comments may fit in those cases. However, not in this situation. It seems that most of you are clearly underestimating the capabilties of a three year old. If you have a three year old and they can't open a door, it's either that they aren't tall enough, or they aren't where they should be mentally for their age. Once, again my nephew is very intelligent for his age, and his mother is a WONDERFUL and LOVING parent! NO ONE is a perfect, model parent.. She just happens to be in a very delicate situation, and is now on the news. The only thing all of you other parents did right, is you haven't been a victim of circumstance. But one day, when something this tragic happens to you, I certainly hope people show you the same mercy, that you've shown her! None. Thanks to those who have been supportive and can sympathize and or empathize .. With this young single mother. Sincerely, the big bosses uncle!

  • Brianna

    Where did you leave your hearts? Or are they black? The fact that so many people are saying comments related to drugs and alcohol, please feel free to enlighten me as to why you would assume that? Go ahead, I'll wait!

  • The Truth

    This case needs to be fully investigated. As a child who is being proclaimed as "brilliant and smart" didn't even know his name or his parents name? Something there is not right? I hope DCFS continues there investigation and makes sure he is being released into a safe and loving home.

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