Prices go up Monday for CTA bus and rail passes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The prices of CTA passes are going up Monday as the transit agency attempts to generate an extra $56 million a year.

The hikes, as steep as 74%, cut the discounts that unlimited ride tickets offer.

The CTA base fare will remain the same, $2 for bus rides and $2.25 for train rides.

However, the price for the Blue Line from O’Hare Airport is going up to $5.

Pay-as-you-go users will not feel much impact.

Starting Monday, a 30-day CTA pass will cost $100, up from $86.  A 7-day pass will increase from $23 to $28.  A 3-day pass will now cost $20, up from $14.  And the prices of a 1-day pass will increase from $5.75 to $10.

CTA ridership has increased by more than 5% over the past 20 months, but the Regional Transportation Authority predicts no growth in CTA use this year.

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  • JoeGee

    This cannot be. No way! After all Chicago is run by Democrats and Democrats are the party of the little guy. They are looking out for me. They would never raise prices at the expense of The People!

    • dianrib

      Chicago is controlled by a few powerful greedy politicians like Mike Madigan and Cullerton -And for 30 yrs by the Daleys who put us in lots of debt – sold our expressways, sold leases for parking meters which raised parking fees immensely They misspent workers Pensions
      Cook country has high taxes & much corruption This Chicago is NOT the city I grew up in Kids are killed weekly by gangs NO o ne seems to be able to stop it
      another factor : Gas prices went up Bus drivers get decent wages & benefits That costs money

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