Having Trouble Sleeping? It Could Be Adrenal Dysfunction

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Smart phones can make life easier but sometimes not being able to unplug can have a negative effect on your health. Like most people, Chicago resident Ziba Lennox wears a lot of different hats. Last Summer, she noticed her hectic lifestyle was becoming more and more difficult to manage.

“Some of the things that kind of snuck up on me was that I couldn`t get to bed at a reasonable hour and my mind would just race, my heart was pounding.” remembers Ziba. “Lots of borderline anxiety concerns. As well as just not being able to get up in the morning and once I did get up I was extremely groggy and not refreshed. As well as being very short fused. I felt I couldn`t manage situations as well as I could in the past.”

Although she was making conscious efforts to eat healthy and exercise, Ziba said she still noticed the pounds creeping on and signs of aging. While getting a dancing injury checked out by Dr. Michael Pontarelli at Windy City Wellness, Ziba discovered the changes in her mood and appearance were actually the result of an adrenal dysfunction-a disorder caused by the body’s inability to handle stress. Dr. Pontarelli says adrenal dysfunction occurs when the body is repeatedly forced to manage stressful situations and can not produce enough hormone, like cortisol, that help us cope.

“When your body is under a lot of stress you get a release of various hormones.” explains Dr. Pontarelli. “If you`re having problems with sleep that is a pretty good sign that there`s some hormonal regulation problem unless you`re not getting enough sleep. People who are not recovering from sickness those kind of people I would say to look at and come in and get it addressed.”

According to Dr. Pontarelli, there are many life situations that cause distress and our inability to disconnect from technology is an overlooked contributor. There are a number of treatments he suggests to literally give your body a break and allow stress hormones to get back in balance.

“Go out for a walk. Just relaxing because most people look at exercise and say ok I’ve got to go out and run.” says Dr. Pontarelli. “But that really kind of kicks everything into gear and when you`re experiencing these difficulties you want to calm everything down. Especially before you go to bed at night. Change your diet. Make sure you maintain blood sugar levels. Make sure to eat things like protein at every meal, make sure not eating too many sweets throughout the day. Taking things like B vitamins and minerals besides getting on a regular sleep schedule.”

By knowing what stressors trigger her adrenal dysfunction and adding supplements and strategic breathing techniques, Ziba is now able to live a more energized lifestyle. According to Dr. Pontarelli of Windy City Wellness, adrenal dysfunction occurs when the body is unable to cope with stress. He advises individuals to seek help if they have problems sleeping, are unable to cope with illness, experience mood swings, have headaches and depend on caffeine.

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