Avoid pain from a too-heavy bag

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The new fashion trend is big bags, but did you know carrying a heavy bag could give you arthritis, not to mention slipped discs and bad knees?  When you consistently carry large loads, many injuries can happen to your body including developing tendonitis, encouraging poor posture and aggravating any kind if arthritis that may already by present.  Think about those purses or man bags with hardware and decoration on them already.  They are heavy even when they’re empty!  Lugging around a heavy load can put years on your body, so we checked in with the team at Athletico to find out if there is a right or wrong way to do it.  One good way to carry a large bag is messenger-style, using a cross body strap.  Or, you can try carrying it over the shoulder to put weight on the larger joints.  A medium-sized purse can be safely carried at your elbow because you’re using biceps, not your fingers, to do the work.  The experts at Athletico recommend the three L’s: lessen and lighten your load, use the largest joint possible, and be mindful of the logistics of the bag.  We can still be fashionable but without the personal injury if we live by the three L’s.

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