Drill team short on funds, prepares to head to D.C.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

For 32 years the South Shore Drill Team has been wowing crowds at festivals and parades with high energy and flawless choreography.  Members range in age from 8 to 22, performing more than a hundred shows every year.  But the performance on January 21st will be the biggest of the team’s rich history when they march in President Obama’s inaugural parade.

The trip will cost $45,000– that will cover travel, lodging, and meals.  The team is still far short of that goal.

On Saturday at team headquarters at the Gary Comer Youth Center, members did a little canning– taking spare change from passing cars.

Inside, practice was in full force as the team perfects every last move.

Kira Rutledge said “We’ve had a lot of intense practices– A lot of adjustments to make.”

The stakes are certainly high.  Four years ago, the team applied to perform during Obama’s first inaugural parade – but they didn’t make the cut.  Now that they’re in – it’s time to step up their game.

Greg Burrell said “We have to practice 10x harder than other events.”

The team is known not only for its thrilling performances – but also performance in the classroom.  In June – 100% of seniors on the team graduated high school.  As for their upcoming performance for the president – team leaders say they shouldn’t overthink it.

To make a donation please visit: www.southshoredrillteam.org

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  • Todd pardee

    So knowing you did not have the money to complete the transaction you went on anyway. Exactly like people did to create the “mortgage crisis”. But hey go on anyway and see if you can get “someone else to pay”. You people are part of the problem. The solution is to temper your goals to that which you can finance and complete the cycle. That’s all you need is a bunch of people 750 miles from home on their last Borrowed or begged dime…. What could possibly go wrong?
    Let Obama pay the $45k for his entertainment out of his liberal backed campaign fund! Record amounts spent for his election, but lets parade these poor kids around….

  • Joymar

    These kids have do something of which they are proud. Give them encouragement rather than putting them down. If more kids are encouraged to do well, perhaps crime will go down in Chicago.