Evanston couple in international adoption dispute

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A couple from Evanston will go to federal court this morning to fight for the baby girl they adopted from South Korea.

evanstonadoptiondisputeLittle Sehwa Kim arrived in Chicago with her new family last June; but now South Korean officials say her adoptive parents, Jinshil and Christopher Duquet,  sidestepped Korean adoption laws because the South Korean government told them they were too old to adopt children.

The Duquets say their South Korean lawyer misled them; in any event, they say the best thing for Sehwa is to stay with them, and the girl’s birth mother supports the private adoption.

South Korea wants her back; the Duquets say their daughter has become a pawn because South Korea opposes all American adoptions of Korean children.

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  • Just me

    that is just mean! >_<
    why would they want to take a baby away from her family ? the family she has known this long? I mean yeah only a short time but its enough time for a child to and parents to bond. AND the birth mother is not against it?! Seeeee freaking governments always getting involved in things that it doesn't need to.

  • sharong4

    Let the adoptive parents have the child. This is just a way for someone to get more money. Besides, there are a lot of American children that need adopting. They didn't have to go over seas.

  • An adoptive Parent

    There is not enough information in this article to make a statement like the one from Just me. There are laws in Korea to safeguard the welfare of the child AND the parents. Unfortunately, the child is caught in the middle of it all. Please do not comment on things, Just me, that you don't know the full story about!

  • A Korean Adopte

    Having lived and worked in Korea, this doesn't surprise me that the family claims to have received bad legal advice from a Korean lawyer. I feel badly for this family because they probably believed that they were receiving fair and credible advice from a "Korean lawyer." I was adopted through an agency but I have many adopted friends who actually were adopted privately.

    It's unfortunate to hear about this story as there are orphanages full of children that need a family that will never be adopted due to the cultural and social stigma that continues to exist in Korea. It's a shame that this child is probably more of a political pawn than anything else.

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