Police: Band of teenage girls robbing cab drivers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Chicago Police Department issued an alert after a group of teenage girls robbed at least two cab drivers at knife-point.

The group of seven hails cabs downtown and as they reach south side destinations, choke the driver with a cord or rope while demanding cash. Then, they run away after the robberies.

The attacks have taken place in the 4700 block of South King Drive and the 4800 block of South Forrestville Avenue.

The women are believed to be between the ages of 16 and 20 years old.

Police askĀ  anyone with information to call Area Central detectives at 312-747-8380.

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  • Charlie Clark

    Why would a cab driver want to pick up these types of people? If I drove a cab I would be very picky who I picked up. You have to be nuts to go into the ghetto.

  • Don

    Let's give these young women the benefit of doubt. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe they were just trying to get home and got scared or lost or something and overreacted. These ladies are probably good students hoping to get a good jobs or further their education when they get out of high school. We need more community program's for our community youth. Have you given of any of your time or resources or expertise? Maybe start a basketball program, or a young women's league for discussion pods, or something of that nature? Too many people are too quick to just write off the black youth of today and we need to stop this and give them the chance they deserve.

    • DamnSHame

      Done are you kidding me? I cant even come up with a half way decent comment so I'll just leave with….YOU SIR, ARE A IDIOT! Let me know how life works out for you….

    • dave

      you need to give more time and resoursces to reading comprehension, the article said they ahve done it at least twice…that does not warrant any benefit of doubt, these animals need to be put down.

    • Just me

      Everyone has a story…
      there is no excuse for these actions….
      I'd woop their butts if they were my spawn…. sigh… people need to stop making excuses for ppl.

  • Jonathan

    Don, lemme know how real liberal stupidity works for you when you wind up with a rope around your kneck and a knife at your throat,, oh hey girls!! Sure, I understand!! ok, here, rob me!! I bet you love me don't you?? Hey, when you're done smoking whatever it is you're on and wake up to reality, don't let us know

  • Anonymous

    Come on people ! What do you expect from the south side of Chicago. There is so much crime on the south side that they should have their own newspaper and call it ….. Ghetto-ver it !

    • Alex

      Yes, Kayne. They said they are African American females. Personally, I'm not surprised. I see the way African American moms treat their children and not surprised that African American children become criminals. If you're treated like a subhuman being as you grow up, you'll act like one.

      • Black

        I see white women walking their kids with dog leashes, do that mean they are going to grow up to be dogs? Have you ever seen a white women treat their child poorly? You people make me sick on the stomach with these racial comments. Computers were the best thing that ever happen to you card carrying red necks.

      • Alex

        Well, I am not a redneck. I am a person with a graduate degree who went to a very decent college. Yes, I see white women treat their children poorly. I take public transportation to work. The number of black women I see treating their children poorly makes me sick to my stomach. Just last week, it took everything I had to keep my mouth shut. A black woman gave her 1-year-old baby her cell phone. The child started to put the cell phone in her mouth and the mother began hitting her saying, "Stop it! Stop it!" Does she really think a 1-year-old has any idea of what she's doing? So rather than take the phone away from her child, she hits her? A couple of weeks ago, a boy (maybe 10) was talking to his mother. His mother was angry with him and was telling her friend, in front of her child, "Do you see why I can't stand listening to him?" I was incredulous over this. But all I have to see is black women and men treating each other like crap, and I feel confident such treatment started at home. I remember reading an article that said 1 in 13 white men will be in jail at some time during their life. With black men, it's 1 in 3.

      • guest

        So, what's your answer for the gun crazy Caucasion kids? Columbine shooters, Aurora shooter, all of the Mall shooters, Newton School, need I go on?

        what kind of parents did they have?

      • Rob

        Yep yep.. Blacks do all the crime, especially the mass killings of uninvolved, innocent people for no apparent reason. Blacks are the scum of the Earth.. The worst type of scum…

        Silly, silly character you..

  • Tanya

    Really Leetrell? I could only imagine what kind of work you do and your level of education. What kind of person in 2013 would say that word? You shouldn't hide behind a computer, scratch that, you are probably the same person that would hide behind a white pillow case with the eyes cut out right. Sorry I thought I could probably talk some knowledge into you, but your sheet is a shield. I think its terrible, and I think cab drivers shouldn't have to discriminate against passengers. Its unfortunate that they have to discriminate for their safety, I dont think its a Black or White thing or a ghetto thing. The world just have alot of people with no morales. All sides of chicago has there share of violence. Leetrell go read a book its important to increase you vocabulary. Let's stand together and pray that this kind of behavior will soon come to an end.

  • Grammer Police

    "The world just have alot of people with no morales. All sides of chicago has there share of violence. Leetrell go read a book its important to increase you vocabulary." Let's examine this grammatical nightmare, shall we? Sentence #1 part 1: "The world just have…" WRONG. Should be, "The world just HAS…" Sentence #1 part 2: "…alot of people…" WRONG. Should be, "…a lot of people…" Sentence #1 part 3: "…with no morales." WRONG. Should be, "…with no morals." Sentence 2 part 1 and 2: "…All sides of chicago has there share of violence." WRONG Should be: "All sides of Chicago has their share of violence." Sentence 3 part 1: "…Leetrell go read a book its…" WRONG. Should be, "…Leetrell, go read a book. It's…" Now sentence 4 part 1: "It's important to increase you vocabulary." WRONG. Should be: "It's important to increase YOUR vocabulary."

    Good Grief!!

  • Dan

    Here is the straight up truth about Black People. I was in the Marines served in the War with Every race you can imagine. I am a White Male and To Me Black People are just as courageous as white People and Mexicans etc. These Girls that did this and are doing this they will be caught. There are good and bad people in every race absolutely. Hope everyone has a Good 2013 and God Bless you because God is the ONLY WAY

    • burbanktj

      It has nothing to do with race, far more of an economic class issue than anything. Too bad some people are way to stupid to realize this…

    • 0tt0

      what god ? can you see him? is it real? its all about money. church's are a easy way to get rich ,hahaha open a church make millions..

      • Just me

        No one said anything about church. God & Church are different.. don't get it twisted based on your jaded feelings.

  • Eamonn

    I live no where near the south side of Chicago but the comments from both sides of this divide are utterly appalling, you all make a former Irish / American sick to his back teeth. You should all be ashamed off youselves for the way our letting you country fall to bits.

    Get over youselves and start treating your children the meaning off respect. Parents ask your children if they would you to be treated in the way that they treat people when their out with friends.

    It doesn't take much to teach a child / teen some respect, get over the fact & stop blaming others in society for the failure of society. It's your society too !!!

    • guest

      Not sure if you live a comfortable life in a rural oasis, but a lot of the poverty-stricken familes on the south (and all sides) of the city don't have the priorities to parent their children and raise them with strong morals the way you deem is appropriate. For all we know, these girls had starving families at home and choked a cabbie to put food on the table or buy their little brother some new shoes so he fits in at school. Is is moral? No. Forgivable? No. However this all has very strong socioeconomic roots to it, imo.

    • timothyh

      I am irish american too, people seem to forget that only through love patience and hard work did my great(x4) grandfather beat the predjudice that he faced when he immagrated. People do not realize that the Irish brought the "ghetto" to america, and 1 million joined the Union Army as soon as they got off the boat. I love being called rascists, it happens because I appear to be white. No people learn your history and learn from what the Irsh did. They accepted everyone and fought for this country. The rest of the country needs to get on board. its 2013 and we need to realize we are all americas.

  • Concerned

    YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!! When do white girls take a cab anywhere? Whats the demographic in that area??? Wake up white people!!!! You are sheep being led o slaughter!!!

    • guest

      Wait, what? I'm a white girl who takes a cab by myself…never been slaughtered but I have heard some very interesting perspectives on the conflict in Somalia or what it's like to support your family in Africa with your cab fares from the city.

    • Disgustedbyconcernd

      Concerned you need to get out of my country, or cut the ligaments in your hands that allow you to type. you are worthless.

  • Julia

    I dont understand how racism still exists…. if one black person does something wrong everyone will say oh black people are all the same… but then a rich middle class white boy goes and shoots 26 kids in a elemantery school you dont here people saying! "Oh middle class white boys are all the same!" this shit makes no sense to me were all the fucking same were all crazy and do stupid things… some poeple just hide it better then others… there are good people and bad people… Its not a race thing!

  • kole

    fuck everybody who got sumin to say. mind yall business. it dont matter if they were black white blue yellow or pink they did what they did so if you have a problem save it