Girl forced to urinate in cup on school bus; Parents sue

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A family is suing a school district in the far southwest suburbs claiming their 10-year-old daughter was forced to urinate in a cup on a moving school bus.

The lawsuit, filed in Cook County.  alleges three counts of emotional distress stemming from an incident on January 10th of last year.  The girl’s 6th grade class from Wilmington Middle School was on a bus returning from a field trip to see a Chicago Wolves hockey game.

According to the lawsuit, the girl asked to go to the bathroom repeatedly, but the teachers and bus driver wouldn’t let her.

Instead, while the bus was driving along the highway, they made her come to the front of the bus, step down into the staircase, and urinate in a cup.

Shortly after,  the bus pulled over at the next exit, the girl was asked to step off the bus and throw the cup of urine out, while dozens of her classmates looked on.

The superintendent released a statement today that reads:  “As a school district we don’t feel we have done anything wrong, it’s more so the bus company.  Our attorneys are currently dealing with the situation.”

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  • Todd Pardee

    Made to leak in a cup? How about allowed to? School buses are not allowed ANY un scheduled stops. Are they supposed to pull over every time one of 50 kids has to pee or drink of water etc….

    • Lexie

      If they aren't allowed to make ANY unscheduled stops, why did they make a stop to throw this cup away? I agree when you say they shouldn't pull off when every child has to go to the bathroom, but this girl obviously had to go pretty bad, if she continuly asked. Does she have a medical condition? You don't know that. Also, this child wasn't only pubicly humiliated for going pee in front of her classmates, but most busses are equipped with cameras. It is illegal to record ANY person going to the bathroom, let alone a small child. This child also was exposing herself to any vehicle that was passing by at the moment to because to my recollection school bus doors are glass and see thru.

    • Shanna

      seriously? The little girl was forced to pee in a cup in front of the bus driver? You are a moron if you think the parents are in the wrong.

  • bobby

    The teacher should of let her go to the bathroom, before they left the game. they should let the kids use the restroom. It's the teachers fault. the school should be checking in to it instead of denying it.
    The bus driver is able to stop for kids to use the restroom if a teacher is present.
    the bus driver and the teacher should be suspended for making a little kid do that. the teacher could of stoped the bus driver from having the little girl do that.

  • bus driver in ma.

    Driver should have pulled over and asked if anyone else had to go.then continued on. I was stuck in snow in a ruel town 1x and while waiting for the sand truck a 3rd grader was dancing around and saying he had to p bad. 10min. Later no sand truck and he was begging to go outside. But i couldnt let him off bus because its not allowed. So i did what i could.i asked him if he would be comfortable going in the garbage can if i moved everyone to the back of the bus and we all looked away. He said yes and didnt p his pants which would have embarrassed him. All the kids were happy for him and glad he didnt p his pants too.

    • myowncompass

      rules need to be changed. it's inappropriate for any child to be made to urinate in a busload of his peers and in front of adults.

  • No Mercy

    I would sue too! How would you feel if it was your 10-year-old daughter? Would any of you defend the actions of the bus driver and teacher then?

  • Jeremy

    She should be greatful. When I was that age, they wouldn't stop the bus or offer a cup and I ended up wetting my pants on the bus.

  • Jill

    I think this is horrible.. i would be very upset if this was my daughter.. that is a very very private thing and the little girl was probably humiliated.. that teacher should be ashamed!

  • rahrah1

    Jill – I'm right there with you. And for the super to say the school dist didn't do anything wrong when a teacher was on the bus is flat wrong. I get he is trying to cover his bum. I'd be really ticked if it was my daughter. Wonder if other means were used before they made the decision to sue though, like trying to get some policy change to take effect first. I did that when my kids were involved in a school bus accident. There was no law suit as the dist, which runs the buses, made policy changes and increased training. The kids weren't hurt bad, and I only had a minor inconvenience of (gasp) driving my kids to school till they felt comfortable on the bus again.

    • Ralph Jones

      I heard they made every mean to get this taken care of but nobody did nothing and still not a policy in place. That is what a teacher told me from there.

  • RKM

    This is not that big of a deal. She wasn't seen and she got to relieve herself. I know for a fact, my kids would be fine doing it and I would be happy they were allowed to versus wetting themselves. It's more embarrassing to pee your pants than to pee in a cup in a semi-private area….when there is no other solution.

    • myowncompass

      YES, it IS a big deal. We tell our children all the time that their bodies are private and not meant to be exposed to strangers and here you go saying that it's ok for a little girl to pee in front of a bus driver, a teacher, a whole bus load of her peers, and anyone happening to drive by her on the road. ARE YOU F—KING INSANE? or do you just get off on the idea? that's it, isn't it? you are whacking off to the whole story aren't you?

    • shanna

      I think you're forgetting that this little girl should've never been forced to pee in a cup. They stopped for her to throw it out, so why couldn't they stop to let her pee? It's not a cash grab. The least the district or the bus comp could do is appologize and admit they used very poor judgement.

      • sharong4

        you are so right. A lot of teachers are irresponsible. My daughter was left at Brookfield Zoo and was in Kindergarten. By the time I was contacted and got to the school, the teacher was gone and one of the teacher's aides went back to get her. Do you think anything was done? No. The teachers have so many children they have to worry about. The need to do a background check or a mental check on the teachers.

    • sharong4

      if they could have pulled over for her to throw the piss out, then they could have pulled over for her to use it. That is a young lady. A child.

  • Gil

    I'm not for suing but in this case I would sue and not feel bad about it. The use of commen sense has gone out the window. The superintendent failed in his response….

    • myowncompass

      one of the commenters here mentioned that the parents tried every other means to get the school district to change the policy and the district refused. sometimes the only thing that people hear, is money.

  • MClare

    Is it not considered dangerous for a little kid to walk to the front of a moving bus and go down into the steps next to the door? And I find it disconcerting that she had to pull her pants down right next to the bus driver like that. The article doesn't mention if the driver is male or female, but either way it's a bit off. And why couldn't they take an exit and stop for the poor kid to go but they could do it to have her empty the cup? Either way it's an unscheduled stop. Maybe the kid should have gone at the hockey rink and didn't, but she's a kid and this stuff happens. I find it hard to believe that in the history of field trips, no policy has been made for this.

  • Leigh Sanders

    Really? I hope they lose. If a bus driver had to stop everytime a brat yelled they had to go to the bathroom, they would never get to their destination. She is 10 for crying out loud. She is old enough to either go before they leave or hold it until they get back to the school. As for the parents, you are morons. I pray you lose. Tell your child to act her age and get over it.

    • myowncompass

      I pray to God that you are barren. Some people do not deserve to have children, you are one of those people. My guess is, that you are the bus driver, the teacher, or the superintendent; it would explain your use of the word, "brat". If you are not barren yet, I strongly encourage you to seek sterilization NOW. Planned Parenthood has very affordable rates for people like you.

    • Franklin

      I sincerely hope that the next time you're on a bus with no restroom, that you have diarrhea really badly and they won't stop the bus for you…

  • Guest

    Did it ever occur to anyone that this little girl might have a UTI and couldn't control herself? Anybody think of that? So wouldn't matter if she peed two seconds before leaving. Having her do that in front of classmates at 10 years old is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. If someone made my daughter do that, I would have told her to pee on the bus driver as he/she was driving. Then wipe her pee hands on her teacher who made her do that. Then I'd be at the school fighting like a dog with the principal after I spoke to my lawyer. What the heck is wrong with people?!

  • TJLong

    Similar thing happened to my teenage son on a band trip. They were not allowed to use the restroom before getting on the bus for a 3 hour trip home. My son asked repeatedly to use the restroom. Teachers refused. My son was forced to pee in a bottle and throw it out the window. When the principle found out what he did, they said they were going to kick him out of band and deny him all bus privileges for the rest of the year. I came unglued and threatened to sue. Needless to say, the teacher AND principle were made to apologize to my son. Apparently there are district rules which say ANY bus ride over a certain length of time MUST include bathroom breaks.

  • raistlin

    the possibility of that is 10%. but the bus driver could have sentenced all of them to death by looking at the girl and crashing. and sueing is the best choice. but what I don't get is if the bus driver can stop to throw the urine out, why didn't he stop before?

  • kid1339

    1/9/13 SLOW SLOW SLOW NEWS DAY Comment 3/7/13 . W.G.N don't talk much about The big O much !! I think that little short kid over in N.K. got him worried ?

  • Paige

    That's terrible. If you think it's fine think about how you would feel if you we're 10 yrs old and you had to do that in front of your friends?

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