Chicago shooting victim becomes 15th homicide of 2013

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A man who was shot and killed in the city’s Old Town neighborhood becomes the 15th homicide in Chicago in 2013.

Tyshawn Blanton grew up in Old Town – back when the Cabrini Green high-rises were still standing.

He no longer lived in the neighborhood, but would often come back to see his mother, who does.

Tuesday night he stopped a convenience store in the 1300 block of North Sedgwick to buy some milk and diapers for his 2-month-old child.

That’s when neighbors say about ten gunshots rang out.

Tyshawn’s mother, Brenda Blanton Calhoun, said, “it just don’t make no sense how these people is just killing innocent life… doesn’t make no sense.”

Calhoun struggles to understand why somone shot her youngest son.  The baby-faced looking 31-year-old was the father of eight — four children and four step-children.  He was also about to be married.

Tyshawn was on his way into the convenience store at the corner of Sedgwick and Evergreen around 6 o’clock Tuesday night when someone started shooting.

Tyshawn was hit several times and later died at the hospital.

Another man, a 20-year- old, was shot in the back and taken to the hospital in serious-to-critical condition.

Police say the shooting is gang related, but Tyshawn’s family says he is not and has never been in a gang.

They say they’ve been told, gang members have been looking for someone who lives in the area to retaliate for a shooting that happened around Christmas on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

The family hopes the many surviellence cameras in this area were able to get a look at who shot Tyshawn.

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    • Fighting Irish

      Your implication is that he irresponsibly fathered children, but the article says that 4 of these were STEPchildren. That he took on the role of a stepfather for someone else's biological children seems to me to be the height of responsibility, not the opposite.

    • Justice S.

      It is apparent truegrit that you are an idiot with access to a computer. It is interesting that you would take the opportunity of loss of life to try to make fun of people. While I wish no ill will to you, it is clear that yours is a life of wasteful use. I'm pretty sure that if you died today, no one would even notice or care. Unlike Tyshawn, who did in fact live a meaningful and worthy life, yours does not deserve another minute on this earth.

  • Tina

    Please show some respect. Tyshawn was my niece's father. My niece is absolutely devastated. He was very much involved in her life and was a loving father. He will be dearly missed by his children and the children who were not biologically his own. He loved these children as if they were his own. He will be dearly missed by those of us who knew him.

    I've known Tyshawn for over 12 years. He has never been involved in a gang. Ever. Please be clear about that; and respect his family and children.

    Keep your opinions to yourselves. All that matters is that he was an(other) innocent human being who was murdered. My niece and his other children can't hug or kiss their father again.

    • truegrit

      What opinions? I don't see any opinions posted except yours which is an emotional one. But, if opinions were posted, please know that people are entitled to their opinion and they do not have to keep them to themselves since this is a public site that accepts opinions. I would recommend that you stay off the site if you are having trouble reading what people post.

      • Andy

        true grit,
        I think your initial "opinions" are absolutely disgraceful and your inability to apologize to Tyshawn's family member even more so. That is just my opinion, but since this is a public site, perhaps others agree?

      • Drexvard

        Everyone, including you, truegrit, has the right to say what you want. But that doesn't exempt anyone, including you, from a response. Your cavalierly disrespectful post regarding the murder of a young man apparently trying to live a responsible life is nothing short of disgusting. One expects such responses from the knuckle-dragging, troglodyte, piece of crap, jackasses who inhabit idiot-fests like Stormfront. Are you a member there?

  • Deja

    My dad was an amazing father. Please do not say anything negative, be respectful to my dad and his legacy. He will be missed very much.

    R.I.P daddy </3

  • Alan

    There won’t many Black men around in 30-40 years….why? It looks like Black enjoy shooting each other up for fun and sport. Don’t they care anything about preserving their race? Black people’s problem is not White folks…they are their own worst enemy. Every Black person murdered so far this year has been Black on Black. So sad…

  • I Am Man

    My cousin was a great guy, and I presume that when police say a killing was gang related, its suppose to keep people from caring. I was saddened when I read Saddam Hussein was hung, that Bin Laden was killed, that children in school were murdered, and every time I read about a killing in Chicago, it just makes you feel horrible. I grew up in englewood, and the moment I graduated high school, i moved away, and find it extremely difficult to even visit. It is odd that guns are not allowed to be sold or carried, and yet, people are practically murdered daily.

    And I agree with Alan; blacks kill blacks…just as whites kill whites, asians kill asians and latinos kill latinos. I never understood that. People in my Stats, respect the idea of knowing theres a strong possibility 7 out of the 10 people around you, are carrying a firearm. You rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Not only are you protecting your own life, but you would have the means and authorization to protect the life of someone else. Illinois politicians havent yet figured that out.

    • Sorrythishappenedtou

      They did figure it out they just lie to every one. All the kids who die all over the world mean nothing to them they're just pawns in they're game of gun control.

  • StopTheViolence

    RIP Thana…still cant believe you gone fam…i was thinking about when we used 2 play little league at carson field. My boy was not in a gang either. Wont be the same without walkin past the mini mart and knowing you died inside it…RIP Ty…

  • Fussy

    I cant believe that my father is dead! My dad was never really outside and if he was he would go see his friends really quick and go back home. My dad never did anything to anyone except be nice and loving. Now I have the responsibility to tell my two younger brothers about my dad. I just wish that my dad was still alive. I would understand if he died of natural causes but its harder to know my dad was shot and killed.

  • Fighting Irish

    So sorry for your loss. I hope the memory of your father gives you strength in years to come, and I hope that this senseless killing finally gets this city to get serious about keeping all our citizens safe.

  • i will miss u

    B.I.P THANA i swear me lookin at dis it still hasnt sunk in dat u r gone………….i swear dey dnt make lik u no more………u didnt deserve dis u was neva in a gang u was neva on dat……y so do da gud die so yung u dnt no how much of a big lost dis is 2 us i luv u big homie u will truely b missed ma prays go out 2 u and ur family……..u in a betta place now R.I.P TYSHAWN 4EVA IN OUR HEARTS

  • Learn English

    Hey I will miss you…go back to school and learn English….know whut I'm seezing gibs me dat engleesh talks….you are a disgrace of society.

    • Gross

      As the person taunting a another human being that is clearly distraught over the death of a friend, I actually think there is a compelling argument that you are the disgrace to society. (Notice that it is TO society, not OF society. Better work on your own English). Take you blight elsewhere.

  • Guest

    It's crazy in a city where you can't carry guns so many people get shot. Who cares about there speech this man is dead now and for what. If only Obama allowed people to have the right to protect themselves.

  • Guest

    Crime is one of the main reasons I recently moved from Chicago. Why pay high taxes to live in a crowded, expensive, crime infested city with over 2,600 shootings in 2012? Chicago leaders and citizens need to get a handle on this problem if they want to attract and keep professionals to work for the companies that are located there. Is it time to place the National Guard in the neighborhoods to control the gang problem? Without a solution, the problem will only get worse.

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