Bar’s security footage show brazen credit card theft

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The victims of credit card theft in Lincoln Park are speaking out and showing the security footage as a warning.   They are telling their story so it doesn’t become somebody else’s.

The thieves redefined the words bold and brazen when they strolled in to Emmit’s Pub last Friday night.  Two women and a man said their hellos and shook hands with people they’d never met before.  Then they found their target and discreetly ripped her off.  The security footage shows the whole thing in less than six-and-a-half minutes.

No word on the whereabouts of the alleged thieves. The bar managers and the victims know all too well that Chicago police have bigger fish to fry, but they want others to know just how easily something like this can happen to them.

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    • Don

      Now hold on just a minute, Joe. What do you know about the background of the *alleged* thieves? Maybe they came from a bad family or a poor childhood. People always be down on the black man. Let's let this slide and give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they needed some food money for their children, or ran out of gas just trying to get home or something. Have you contributed any time, energy or resources to developing any community programs for youth of this plight? Always down on the black man. As I said let's cut some slack for these people.

  • janey

    Seriously? You're in a BAR in CHICAGO? And you hang your purse on the BACK of your chair? Or on the back of the chair next to you??? The only thing that should be in that bag is lipstick, $50 for an emergency, and Kleenex. Watched the video 3 times. The victim was CLUELESS. She didn't deserved to be ripped off — but she's no young kid. Should be WAY more aware of the risks of her surroundings! And you JAGS who stole from her? SHAME SHAME SHAME. Hope your Momma or kids see your faces on TV.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Don, did that BLACK man look needy to you?? He payed CASH for his drink and left a TIP! He wasn't hard up for gas money, or for his poor kids! He wanted to rip off a white woman and then take his beeotch to home depot, and NOT to fill up the car! Wow!! You are ignorant! I blame that guy!! Not because he's black, because he's a thief!! I bet you would have just given him your credit card, right? Help a brother out man!!

  • Mya

    People need to be aware! I won't even hang my coat most places and I live in the Gold Coast. Just last week a guy had his iphone5 stolen midweek and nobody noticed! Turned out to be this short Asian guy we would have never suspected. Good thing most of us had the MobileMe app. That idiot was at McFaddens and was lucky nothing more than being caught happened.

  • Captain Obvious

    Every time I read a story of criminal or anti-social behavior where there are photos or video of the perpetrators, I guess the race, approximate age and sex of the perpetrators before I look at images.

    I am correct about 98% of the time as I was on this story. Am I a racist?

  • Oyy

    "The victims of credit card theft in Lincoln Park are speaking out…" Are they saying that Emmit's is in Lincoln Park??? They are seriously mistaken!!

  • Larry

    Don is just a typical racist redneck nazi animal. Those thieves are just out and thieves and do not deserve any sympathy at all. Hope they are caught quickly. That woman was clueless.

  • Anton Irvin

    In this website I have got some good information about the nightclub security. I am so surprised to watch this Bar’s security footage show brazen credit card theft. I hope that all the owner should take security for bars, taverns and nightclubs, including duties of personnel and use of force. Thanks a lot mate for informing this awesome discussion in this website at all.

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