Midday Fix: Body type coat shopping tips

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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If You are Busty
Go For: Mingle style and function with high necklines that conceal larger bosoms.  Be sure the fit is snug but not suffocating.  Vertical details and longer coats will draw the eye down your body rather than across.
Avoid: Pockets at the bust as they add additional volume.  Also, opt for coats without lapels to minimize your chest.  Stay away from waist belts as they cinch in your middle and accent cleavage.

If You are Pear Shaped
Go For: Structured at the top and skirted at the bottom to provide coverage and movement for your fuller hips.  Belted coats will help balance your proportions by defining your waistline, highlighting a strategically chiseled top and voluminous bottom.
Avoid: Cropped coats, they will exaggerate your hips and thighs.  And remember, it’s best to avoid shapes that cling to your largest measurements.

If You’re Petite
Go For: Lengths that extend further than your hips to add length to your body.  Bias cut coats that extend below your hips and have an all over pattern will obscure a shorter torso.
Avoid: Cropped coats, as they will make you appear shorter!

If You’re Apple Shaped
Go For:  Sleek fabrics and roomy silhouettes will skim over a fuller midline and leave plenty room at the center.  Vertical zipper detailing and linear open fronts will elongate your frame.  Ruching down the center of your torso creates a long lean line and slenderizes your middle.
Avoid: Belted coats, they accentuate rather than flatter your midsection.

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