Drew Peterson to make court appearance Thursday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Drew Peterson is expected to appear in court Thursday along with his attorney’s for scheduling of post trial motions.

Judge Edward Burmila had initially set the January date for Peterson sentencing, but was forced to postponed the matter due to turmoil among members of the defense team.

That ultimately lead to Peterson firing his lead attorney Joel Brodsky.

Peterson was convicted of killing histhird wife Kathy Savio this past September.

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  • edward c. stengel

    Forget the post trial motions. Drew Peterson needs and deserves a new trial. This is just more asinine legal nonsense. Everybody knows that the police botched the case, just like they did the O.J. case, contradicted themselves between their first report of Kathleen Savio's death, which they ruled accidental, and then later called it a murder, when the evidence was less reliable than it originally was. The hearsay evidence needs to be ruled inadmissible, a change of venue granted to get that trial out of Will county, and a new judge and jury selected, and then Drew can come home a free man.


    • larry reffett

      Are you crazy? Drew needs to get to Stateville Penitiary and have a [win a date with Drew]contest ,with all the inmates. I would love to see which lucky inmate,won the date with Drew.

    • marcy walker

      Drew Peterson is very, very guilty. He will never go free. He will also be tried for the murder of Stacy and be found guilty and spend the rest of his pitiful life in prison. He does deserve a new trial. He is deserving of noting . These " moves' by his attorneys are just delaying tatiics they have nothing but embarrassment that they took the case in the first place.

    • Kim Taylor

      In my opinon Drew Peterson is as guilty as the day is long.. The good ole boys in blue DID NOT INVESTIGATE drew because he was one of them.. Drew also in my opinion KILLED STACY.. and her body will probably never be found.. This BULL$%*T of Drew not getting a fair trail is utterly ridiculous.
      And as far as brodsky goes that was the Attorney he chose .. Why should he be allowed to cry and whine that Joel was no good.. Its just another delay tactic… But sooner or later drew will be behind bars and probably with ones he arrested then what? Protective custody for the rest of his life? Just like a wife beater / murderer. So mighty powerful when beating on a women but cant hold his own when theres a man throwing fists.. JUST MY OPINION
      Well at least he has a life. KATHLEEN AND STACY dont …

  • annamom

    Mr. Stengel….prove he's innocent…find Stacy….he can't remarry and kill where he is…and since he's been there …the women are safe…justice was done..maybe not to your liking…he deserves 60 years..

  • edward c. stengel

    The reason they are delaying giving Drew Peterson a new trial is the same reason they always delay appealing a sentence. The judicial system, with its lazy, worthless judges and even worse prosecutors, really aren't interested in justice. They just want to close the case and be rid of it and then go home and pour themselves a martini and watch the boob tube. All they care about is their prestigious jobs, their pay and benefits, and their lavish pensions when they retire. That's why it's important that Drew's attorneys keep the paper work going and let the courts know that they're not going to let Drew become a forgotten number, which is exactly what the justice system wants.

  • MaryJoan

    As far as I am concerned this case is a total farce.Total waste of taxpayers money!!!Look at everybody who has been hurt and destroyed by this case. For what??? For a crazy 17 year old girl who destroyed a marriage that was already destroyed. All anyone wanted was to see how much money they could make off of this.It is senseless!!!It was their ego's and how vain they were.6 children have been destroyed. I am sorry 7.The irreparable damage that was done.All of these children will need counseling for the rest of their lives.

  • edward c. stengel

    Now they're wasting more time. Instead of giving Drew a new trial, which he definitely deserves, the judge is wasting time asking for evidence for a new trial. We don't evidence for a new trial – we need a new trial. The justice system in America is nothing but a useless, worthless paper shuffle, with a bunch of useless, worthless judges playing games and filing endless papers, while nothing useful gets done. They''d rather sit on their rectums and get paid for paper shuffling than to give Drew a new trial, without this unreliable hearsay evidence, a prejudicial judge, a politically ambitious state's attorney, a jury of morons, and a police department and medical examiner who couldn't be believed if they did a head stand on a stack of bibles.

  • edward c. stengel

    Now what's the wait. I'll tell you what the wait is all about. The American justice system never wants to admit that it screwed up, so they'd rather leave an innocent man in jail the rest of his life than admit a mistake was made. That happened in the case of William Heirens in 1946, when he was tortured by the police, and ended up signing a confession under duress that caused him to be the longest serving inmate in the history of the state of Illinois. He spent 65 years in prison, where he died in 2012, for a crime that he almost certainly did not commit. It happened in the 1980's in the case of a little girl named Jeanine Nacarico, where 2 innocent man – Reuben Hernandez and Rolando Cruz, spent 10 years each on death row, when the real killer, Brian Dugan, admitted to murdering the little girl years before Hernandez and Cruz were finally freed. Our justice system is a disgrace. I won't even bring up all the dozens of innocent men who tortured by the nazi thug, Jon Burge, who currently is in federal prison. Some of them spent as long as 20, and in one case 30 years, for crimes they never committed. Free Drew Peterson! An innocent man remains in jail!