Your Money Matters: Questions you are not asking your doctor that cost you money

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Laura Fredericks

Questions You are Not Asking Your Doctor that are Costing You Money

What changes in coverage are coming? Will your doctor change office practices?

How much time will the appointment take? Lost time means money, which weighs in babysitting costs; transportation costs; cabs; parking fees; rush hour traffic; later trains; re-arranging family/friend pick-up times; time you need to take off work that might not fall under sick time

Why did this happen? vs. What caused this?  It’s not what you say but how you say it. Strategically speaking to any doctor awards you with the most information about your health.

Is the doctor in? What if the pain goes well beyond the time it was supposed to subside? What if you cannot sleep or concentrate or you are just worried about the way you feel? Often times this happens well after the doctor appointment and in between a follow-up visit. Learn how to reach your doctor for non-emergency reactions or issues.

What specialists might I need in the next few years? Many people wait until something happens to be recommended to a specialist, but if you’re proactive and start compiling a list of specialists before they’re needed, you’ll be more prepared if a crisis were to occur. You should be seeking specialists in your 30s, 40s and 60s.

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