Lovie Smith out as Chicago Bears coach

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago Bears General Manager Phil Emery informed Lovie Smith this morning he will not return as the team’s head coach for the 2013 season.

Smith was hired in 2004 and led the team to an 81-63 record, three division titles, two NFC Championship games and a Super Bowl appearance in his nine-year tenure as the head coach of the Bears.

Emery will hold a press conference Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the George “Mugs” Halas Auditorium at Halas Hall.

Smith’s firing follows the Bears not making the playoffs, despite a victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. To make the playoffs, Chicago also needed Green Bay to beat Minnesota, but that didn’t happen.  The Vikings won the wildcard and advanced to the playoffs.

This is a developing story. Check back for details.



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  • Tired of the Morons

    Third smart decision in two years. The first was getting rid of their GM. Getting Marshal and now dumping Smith. Let's try for four. Dump Hester.

  • Rory

    Been waiting too long for this moment, all the time and money I've spent at Bears games only to be let down by bad coaching, worse play calling, and a coach that only shrugs him shoulders and says "oh well"

  • Butch Taylor

    They are nothing more than a mediocre and won't get any better until we get an offense minded head coach, a good offensive line coach. We haven't made any strides in getting better in several years now. I'm sorry but Jay Cutler was a bust also. Other teams have drafted top notch QB's that even as rookies make Cutler look below average. Denver knew what they were doing when they let him go. We need another Mike Ditka, that's the type of coach the Bears need..

  • Bubba

    juron couldn't win without an offensive line and neither could Smith, neither will the next guy if they don't fix this. Someone in Denver must have really hated Cutler to send him to Chicago to get killed..

  • Bear fan

    Time for change in Chicago. Let's get a real o-line, and revamp the defense. Sorry to say it's time for Urlacher to go and bring in some fresh players.

  • Bears Fan

    We need new owners the McCaskeys should sell the team, one.Two, we need the offense to be stronger and more protection for our QB. We cant have the defense winning all our games for us. Three we cant have the QB's bringing the rest of the team down.

  • bear3

    Some offensive line people who can block some one or at least fall down in front of someone. I've been a Bear fan for 70 years. I'd like to see someone who can protect the QB & maybe open a few holes for
    the RB's

    • Paperboy

      I’ve been a Bear fan since early 70’s… Gave Lovie a second chance from a few years back, didn’t take advantage of that chance this time around… #1 Priority WE WILL BEAT GREEN BAY!!! Remember that phrase? Cutlers got to go! Total wimp! He crys more than he plays, a true non professional…..

  • Tired of the Morons

    Hester whining about him being gone. Maybe if Hester could figure out between the posts and not between the sidelines or backwards we could have had some decent kick-off returns. Bye Hester, don't let the door hit you in the "A".

  • rob

    It was a good decision but one that should have been made early this year or last year . the team is getting old and is time to search for a great middle linebacker but Cutler has to be better protected and find a tight end to catch the ball not to be an extra guard shore up the O Line and and we will be in the right direction

  • marduc

    How about next year a team that can score more than 14 points a game. How about an offense that can stay on the field more than 3 plays in a row. How about an offensive line that can move out of the way of the running back and that doesn't trip the quarterback.

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