NRA: Schools should have armed security guards

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The National Rifle Association responded on Friday to the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Adam Lanza burst into the school exactly one week ago, and opened-fire. He killed 20 students and six adults, and then took his own life. He also shot to death his mother.

The Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said he believes the way to prevent another tragedy is to have armed security guards at schools. He suggested there are millions of retired police officers, active-duty, reserve, and retired U.S. military personnel, firefighters, and other emergency responders who could serve as trained and qualified security guards. He wondered what could have happened if an armed security guard was at the elementary school, and was able to stop Lanza.

Former GOP congressman Asa Hutchinson will lead the NRA’s effort to help schools develop safety programs.

LaPierre argued laws that create gun-free school zones leaves kids vulnerable and defenseless. He questioned why there are armed guards at banks, airports, office buildings, sports stadiums and around politicians, but not at schools. He also blamed our society for permitting violent video games and bloody movies. He also questioned why our country can’t afford a policeman at every school, even though it sends massive amounts of financial aid to other countries.

Protesters interrupted him two times during his speech. They yelled the gun rights group has blood on its hands, and is responsible for the deaths of children.

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    • David

      Candy your an idiot. An armed guard would have stopped the idiot before 20 babies were lying piled up in a pool of blood. You gun hater find any reason to hop on your soap box and scream. You blame legal gun owners for all the idiots that kill just to do it.

  • Kat Politick

    I don’t think more guns is the answer. I think that ALL schools should have panic rooms (one in between every two classrooms) and others located where needed. This would provide a safe and secure location for our children and the staff to go- not have to hide in bathrooms, closets, under desks, etc where bullets can still penetrate.

    When a threat is posed, someone hits the panic button (which could also work in the event of a tornado) and everyone heads into the panic room.



    Nobody is ever going to listen to me… I’ve told everyone about this and everyone says good idea but it doesn’t make a difference unless the right person hears it- such as President Obama.

    • Angie

      It's not that its a bad idea but where is the money for the construction costs. Easier said than done. They could figure them into newly constructed schools, but some schools that are already built wouldn't even be able to accommodate such rooms. They don't have enough money to keep schools open, let alone build these rooms.

  • Concerned Parent

    Yes, there should be armed guards protecting every school in America. This craziness has to stop. Children will understand that they are safe because police officers are there to protect them. Parents will be more at ease, knowing their children are being protected at school.

  • sandy

    definitely definitely have armed guards. They are at banks, etc. and we should protect our kids more then those. We support other countries so why cant we use that money to pay guards here. I just dont understand some peoples thinking!

  • Angie

    Yes absolutely armed guards at every school. All the gun laws in the world aren't going to stop someone from committing a crime or shooting up a school, just as drug laws aren't stopping people from buying, selling and using drugs!

  • Stephanie Raimondi

    Yes we defiantly need armed guards at schools. We are born with right to protect ourselves, therefore guns will always be on the streets. The President wants to create jobs, not only will security at schools help our economy. But, it will keep our children safe. We need defense!

  • Bill

    If we put armed guards in schools should we also put armed guards in school buses? What about a guard for each child? Where do you stop? That is like putting your finger in the leak in the dam. Eliminate the large gun clips and limit assault weapons even more. Do armed guards in banks stop bank robberies? Apparently not.

    • Bill

      Bill a so called assault weapon is exactly the same as any other semi-auto hunting rifle except it is less powerful. The only possible argument one could make is that large magazines are readily available. Yes that's factually correct, your average hunting rifle that grandpa uses is far more powerful. Not only aren't these so called "assault" rifles not more powerful, more deadly , etc it is not a military weapon. In fact it's not even an assault rifle. The military describes an assault rifle as a fully auto fire rifle which have been banned since 1934. These rifles that we"re talking about "look" like an assault rifle but are not. Since they are less powerful than a hunting rifle if we allow them to be banned what exactly would stop you from banning hunting rifles since, they are more deadly ? Banning the assault rifle is really just a start on banning all guns or severely restricting their use because if you DO in fact ban this rifle and it DOES in fact keep a lunatic from getting one then he will simply grab another style rifle which is very likely to be more powerful and go do his dirty deeds. In short, in spite of our children needing protection right now we will have wasted all this energy and more importantly time to basically accomplish nothing at all.

  • S B

    Yes, armed guards and school employees should also be trained in non-lethal defense such as pepper spray, tasers or martial arts. The criminals will always find a weapon, but if they know someone may shoot back, it may provide a deterrent.

  • Jason

    You ready to pay the taxes for this? Do you know how many schools there are here? For the price of armed security guards in EVERY school do you know how many teachers we could hire. All because one dumb shit committed an unspeakable crime? Knee jerk doesn't begin to describe this bullshit.

  • bobanmebrudder

    Lets look at arming the teachers. True all of them probably wont be armed, but some will be willing to go along and go thru the training to carry a weapon. Lets face it, talking about adding more laws wont do a damn thing. We don't enforce the laws now. Ask any policeman what happens when he goes to court with a gun case. The judge says it is a illegal search, according to the law he is correct. Where would we get all this money to have a officer/vet in every school? I think not from the gov, they are to busy arguing. What ever happens to protect our young has to start, and be enforced by the courts.

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