Chicago reacts to NRA’s call for armed guards at schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

“Outrageous and unsettling” — that’s how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel described a school safety plan proposed by the National Rifle Association.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre is calling for armed guards to be placed in every school in the United States.

He says that would have been the only way the shooter in Newtown, Connecticut, might have been stopped before he killed 20 children and six adults.

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun,” said LaPierre. “As brave and heroic as those teachers were, and as prompt as the police were, they were unable to stop it.”

Some Democrats, like Congressman Mike Quigley, are calling for the ban of assault weapons such as the one’s used in the Newtown shooting.

On Friday, Quigley called called the NRA’s plan “a joke, thoughtless, meaningless, an affront, not just to the victims of Connecticut, but for every crisis we’ve faced.”

The NRA’s statement has led some to wonder where funds for the security would come from.

“Our high school is over 500,000 square feet. If I had unlimited resources, I’d love to have all sorts of security personnel across my building, but I don’t have unlimited resources,” said Tom Leonard, Barrington School District 220 Superintendent.

There is a mixed public reaction to the NRA’s proposal.

“I think it’s the only thing that would have stopped a killer but I don’t think we need to go that far, I think it’s still a one in a million shot,” said Tiny McLaughlin.

“I think it’s a bad idea, I want all guns gone period,” said Catherine Moss.

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  • Renee

    I think it's a great idea however instead of police I would love to see retired and/or disabled vets keeping our schools safe. Consider it another level of homeland security! And what an honorable job for a vet to have- plus the kids could learn from and interact with vets- what great role models they could be. I would imagine gang violence, bullying, and drug use would all decrease with the presence of vets roaming the hallways…yes- definitely for this!

    • anngray

      Oh, yes….and tell me how you plan to screen these vets for post traumatic stress syndrome. Just talking yesterday with a person who has a family member with PTS and he was saying how he can be perfectly normal one minute and in a rage the next. The last thing we need is one of these people with a gun. I have a friend who suffers and has for years….all the way from Vietnam era..and he will tell you he doesn't belong in a school setting.

      • Noah

        You can go shove it up your @$$!!! There is a group of veterans now on facebook trying to get a petition signed to try and push for military vets to protect these kids, the same vets that went and sacrificed their lives overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm an Afghanistan veteran and I would love nothing more than be a guard for the nations future. Don't even run your dam mouth about PTSD, you don't know jack shit.



  • Shady Grady

    How about all politicians drop their security detail and use that money to pay for armed security at schools in their cities. Vet would be a good idea most are trained on hand guns and self defense. Now the politicians have no excuse to put this idea on the table.

  • Zach

    Guns don't kill-people kill! Is the president going to ban knives, gasoline or any of a number of other things this guy could have used? We don't need more gun laws, we need to strengthen and enforce the ones we have. The liberal judges need to stop letting armed criminals out of jail and start letting law abiding citizens exercise their 2nd amendment rights to arm themselves if they so choose. Connecticut has one of the strictest gun laws of the country yet what happened? Illinois has THE strictest gun laws in the country and has one of the highest gun related murder rates in the US. Gun laws are only preventing honest law abiding citizens from legally defending themselves against the armed criminals who ignore the laws and arm themselves anyways.

  • Dave

    These politicians want us to believe that if there were no assault weapons and high capacity magazines, Adam Lanza would’ve just stayed home on December 14th. Or imagine if you can, if Adam had no access to firearms at all. Imagine the degree of illness, madness or evil that is required to murder 28 people. So what does a man like Adam Lanza do with no guns? He finds another way to carry out this heinous crime.

    We need to protect our children. We protect our airplanes, Politicians, and neighborhoods with trained, armed men and women, yet we declare our schools “gun free zones.” A gun free zone doesn’t stop someone like Adam Lanza in Newtown, or Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in Columbine, or Seung Hui Cho in Virginia Tech. Each of these individuals broke many federal, state and local laws. Laws did not stop them. Not only do gun laws not stop these mass murders, but the same gun laws actually allow these horrific crimes to happen. Gun free zones create the perfect condition for these mass murders. It huddles people close together with no means to protect themselves.

    • Mat

      Dave, the problem is that people like Adam will kill the "armed guards" first. He was armed with assult rifles, semi-automatic handguns, and body armor. A guard would have no chance agaist him. We should not allow citizens to buy such things in the first place.Hunting is a great sport, but just that a sport. There is no need for assult rifles, we need to ban the killing machines, and just allow hunting rifles and handguns.

      • Bill

        Mat, I understand your issue with assault rifles, but stating that the guard would have no chance against the shooter stands to reason that no guard would be better. I really don't understand that logic. An armed guard or no guard and a law that makes the shooter have to reload more often? I'll take the guard every time.

  • Mat

    The fact is that we need new laws that ban assult rifiles & ammo. I'm Canadian, and I live in Chicago, most of my family hunts, and owns guns responsilbly. None of them own assult rifles-they own hunting rifles and handguns. It is my belief that that the US should ban assult rifles; let the real gun owners continue to hunt, but stop the crazies from killing as many people. There is no reason that a normal human being needs an assult rifle to "protect" themsleves. Less guns= less oppertunities for crazies to kill people with said guns

    • Bill

      Mat, assault rifles are the least of our concern when it comes to dangerous firearms. Handguns account for over 10 times the number of violent crimes than all rifles. Shotguns account for more crimes than rifles as well.
      .22 caliber rimfire (low power) guns account for 7 times more crimes than .223 rifles, the caliber of most assault rifles. I'm not discounting your problem with assault rifles. I think all guns can be lethal in the wrong hands, but your focus on assault rifles isn't going to change the statistics on violent crimes with guns in the US. There are way too many guns out there now to affect change by controlling guns now. That train has left the station. We need to protect our children and implement changes in society to find help for those that need help and stop our violent culture.

  • Mat

    A couple days after the shooting, there was a copycat school attack in China. Some pshyopath stabbed over 20 people for no reason.Thankfully, he did not have a gun, so all of the children that he stabbed lived.

    The answer is not more weapons, but less weapons.

  • gentlemanjim

    oh how the chicago dumbocrats must feel. their city has more homicides than any place else in the country and rahmbo says no to guards for the children. what an idiot. why doesn't he give up his security detail and send them to a school. if the nra was giving away bottles of water, someone would be screaming about it.

  • Bill

    We have armed guards protecting banks. Are the contents in those vaults more valuable than content of our schools? We guard buildings downtown with metal detectors, ID checks and protective staff. Again, are the contents of the sears tower any more important than the contents of a middle school in Cicero, or a grade school in Logan Square. Our presidents family is protected by armed security 24 hours a day and will be for years. Are his kids any more important to him than mine are to me? Does our mayor have a security detail that protects his family? We spend our lives protecting our kids and hoping they have a future that is better than our own, yet we send them off to a place where no one can protect them. I don't really care about your stance on guns. You can outlaw all the guns in the US and that means there are 300 million guns out there and 6 billion people whose intentions I don't know. This isn't an issue of being outrageous or unsettling. What will be effective in protecting my child at school from outside threats? I went to school in central american as a child and we always had armed security at our school, and I was thankful for it. I would be thankful for it now as well! I just want my child in a place I feel they are protected when I am not there to do that. In the end, if we can look back and learn, do you think the parents of the children in Connecticut wish there had been an armed security guard at their school that day or that gun laws were in place that would have made the shooter have to reload more often? Give me solutions, not political gum flapping. Mayor, how can you possibly be against armed security at our schools? Be against guns as well as far as I am concerned, but how can you possible think that having qualified armed security at our schools is outrageous and unsettling?

  • Michelle

    To all of you who think this is such a good idea, go visit a country where there are armed guards with machine guns everywhere and see how it makes you feel. Start with Turkey. One of our allies. It does not feel so hot. Do you really want that for the USA?

  • Todd Pardee

    Look at what’a going on in the city that has had a gun ban for over 30 years. All the proof you need that prohibition does not work is
    1. Chicago ban on guns. Yet record murder rate and thousands of guns taken off street every year, only to be replaced.
    2. The war on drugs. Dead children. Full prisons. Still crack on the street corners.
    3. Alcohol prohibition. Death on the streets, full prisons, still plenty of liquor to be found “under the counter”.

    They have armed guards at airports. Train stations, sporting events….

  • gp

    We guard or money in banks with armed guards. Are our children in schools less valuable? These murderous cowards would not “take out the guard”; that’s why they prey on children and kill themselves when the police arrive.

  • Cardswin11th2011

    I hate to say this bcs I believe the fact the public has such unlimited access to guns is the problem. But the cow is out of the barn now. We are past the point of no return. There are simply too many guns already out there to ever reign in. Sadly I would feel more safe if there were armed guards protecting my children's school. It might at least be a deterrence. Remember to pray a prayer over your kids every day.

  • Pagan69

    Somehow I don’t Feel the Love for Gun grabbers from most of the posts. The NRA has presented key talking points and the only reason they are not on TV and being taken seriously, is they were proposed by the NRA. Politicians feel the need to point at someone to take the heat off them. To the Limey news reader on cable take your Limey accent and Limey ideals back across the pond. I don’t need the opinions of a news reader with the agenda to turn this country into merry old England any more than muslims clamoring for muslim law in this country. We still have the Constitution and it will survive the next 4 years. As a veteran I would stand guard, I have been trained to deal with these pricks all over the world, police haven’t. We are better trained have a unique skill set, can out shoot the street cop, we are trained to eliminate the threat not contain it and above all run toward the fight not sit on our hands waiting for back-up.

  • Stout Jackson

    Mayor Rahm sends his children to a school with armed security (U. of C. Lab School) yet thinks it's a bad idea to protect schools with security. If the idea of protecting schools is so outrageous, pull your children out now.

  • Erica

    If stupid NRA believes that people with guns stop bad people with guns…. Why didn’t Killers mother use her gun to kill her son then we wouldn’t be mourning the innocent lives lost on 12-14-12.

  • georgia

    crime pays – follow the money trail and at the end of guns, gangs, murder, private prisons – etc..- you will find the answer – a select group in the USA – – with money deposited in US banks right along side of Mexican drug cartels (p.s.- no taxes paid by the cartels) – look up the banks in england – fined for money laundering of drug $ with a slap of fine only – no prison time (bad for business)- us bank guilty of same thing. Guns in (God Bless America) America bigger than NRA

  • Starfish

    If armed guards aren't the right safety move, remove this protection from the Capitol and courts . Surely the children are more important . I have to think that there are more than a few teachers/ adminstrators at schools who would volunteer to conceal carry. Pay them a bonus to do so and recruit some military heroes to be teachers.

    By the way , I don't have a gun and can't imagine shooting someone. How can the politicians rant about this and yet employ people we pay for to protect them.

  • "Old Chicago"

    The Anti-gun lobby is just scared because it is loosing control. Their strict gun laws have not only harassed decent American people but they have failed to control crime. We are all citizens who want crime reduced and civil liberty restored,… locally and across the country.

    "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water…"

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