Storms prompt damage concerns in NW suburbs

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Up to six inches of snow in McHenry County– and believe it or not, he snow is not the biggest threat.  Ice and wind have emergency services in worried. If power lines go down, 325,000 customers will lose more than just electricity– they will lose water too.

Pretty as a postcard just days before Christmas– but Woodstock is worried. If the power lines give way under the wet and heavy driving snow– loss of electricity isn’t the only thing on the line, 325,000 customers will lose more than just electricity– they will lose water too.

David Christensen said “the other risk here is water.” McHenry County relies on well water–underground-generated by electrical pumps.

Thursday’s rain, followed by snow and dipping temperatures could weigh their lines down and wreak havoc on their services to hundreds of thousands of people.  Christensen’s biggest fear is the potential loss of power.

The roads are another big fear.  Locals are scraping what they can see on their windshields and sidewalks but undetectable ice on the open road — especially with the high winds blowing– puts everyone at risk. 23 trucks are cruising 19 routes in McHenry County— salting 550 miles.

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nyrgen said “if you don’t have to drive, stay home, don’t drive.” And whatever you do– have your cell phone and a charger handy—and pack your cars with blankets, flashlights, sand, salt and water.

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