Must-have Christmas apps

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Get into the holiday spirit with these Christmas apps.

NORAD Santa Tracker

Free for iOs and Android

If you have child who’s curious about Santa’s travel plans, this app is a must-download. With this app, you can countdown the days until Santa’s flight and follow Santa’s progress on December 24. Plus, the app features two games play “Elf Toss” and “Thin Ice” to help Santa’s elves deliver presents, and learn about NORAD and its mission.

Cards by Apple

Free for iOs

Avoid paper cuts by sending your Christmas cards with an app this year! Customize a card with photos from your iPhone‘s camera roll and the app will send it for you. Send a card anywhere in the U.S. for $2.99 or anywhere in the world for $4.99 (postage IS included).

A Charlie Brown Christmas

$4.99 for iOs and Android

Enjoy an interactive retelling of the classic story of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with this app. Narrated by Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, the story features music and digitally remastered illustrations. Plus, it includes games within the story — for example, you can play a song on the piano along with Schroeder. Try a free sample for iOs here (but it’s not the same!)


Online and free app for iOs

These days, it seems no one can get through a holiday season without ‘elf-ing’ themselves. For those who don’t know about ElfYourself, it started as a website where you could upload photos of your family and friends and turn them into singing, dancing elves.

This year, OfficeMax upped the ante with a free iOs ElfYourself app and ElfYourself LIVE. Broadcast yourself as an elf to thousands of Facebook and YouTube viewers or watch other elves.

Wonder what the News at Five crew looks like as elves? Just watch this video.

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