Music Lounge: Live perfomance from Lowdown Brass Band

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Lowdown Brass Band

December 21
10:00 p.m.
The Hide Out
1354 West Wabansia Avenue

For more information about the band:

Lowdown Brass band (LDB) hailing from Chicago, IL, is a nine-piece, horn-driven tour de force. A fierce sousaphone sets the foundation for trumpets, trombones and saxophones to intertwine in a cacophony of tight lead lines, spontaneous call-and-response and bombastic brass attacks.  LDB melds second-line street beat, funk, hip-hop, reggae and pop into a unique, high-energy style. Lowdown’s original compositions challenge the listener and player alike, breaking down the barrier between performer and audience.

The Lowdown Brass Band has performed all over Chicago, Detroit, Midwest small towns and college cities, performing and receiving airplay as far as Detroit, New York, and New Orleans.   The band has recorded and released three albums of music (Available on ITunes) and plans to record 2 more next year, including a live album in Chicago.

Check out the new Christmas Album “It’s a Lowdown Christmas” that Dusty Groove calls “The Best Christmas Album we’ve heard in Years” featuring a new Video for the original and new standard “Chicago’s Where I Wanna Be” on Youtube.

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