Teacher of the Month November 2012: Brad Breakfield

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Brad Breakfield, our November Teacher of the Month, gets high marks from his students. One, who brought him to our attention, says he puts the “A” in amazing.

Morgaine Olsen, student: “Mr. Breakfield is an amazing teacher. He has worked hard to make sure I have overcome my difficulties with test taking to the point where I achieved the Presidential Academic Excellence award signed by President Obama.”

Morgaine Olsen is a sixth-grade student at Boone Upper Elementary near Rockford. Brad Breakfield is her sixth grade teacher but he also taught her in the fifth grade. She says he is the best — constantly pushing her and her classmates toward excellence. Her classmates agree.

Jacob Kruckenberg, student: “He’s the outline of a teacher, perfect awesome. You can’t go wrong with him and he’s a genius on the computer. He pops up like so many things in his computer. He even has his own website and every document we make he puts it up there.”

Teacher of the Month November 2012: Brad BreakfieldJessalyn Wilson, Student: “Let me just say this as a blanket statement: He never gets old. There are no two days that are alike, and really he’s fun. He’s out there and kinda weird in a way, but that’s great because you don’t want a teacher who’s flat.”

Brad Breakfield, Teacher of the Month: “I have a lot of fun with them. A really good learning environment makes it less stressful.  But it’s challenging in the way that’s like any career is supposed to be. It’s challenging trying to make sure you get every kid at their level, make sure every kid is challenged but not so challenged that he gets frustrated so you have to be really organized and on top of everything.”

Morgaine Olsen, Student: “I think he knows that he is helping us and do our best and that is what I think is most

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