Jordan’s New Helper Arm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jordan Reeves was born just right. In fact, Born Just Right is the name of the blog her mom started ahead of her birth almost seven years ago. She was born with an arm with a hand and an arm with a full humerus that stops at the growth plate. Never will you hear Jordan or her family describe the situation with the words “without” or “missing”.

5820165158_790b0a69dd_zWe had the pleasure of having Jordan and her mom stay at our house last week because she was being fitted for a new “helper arm” here in the Chicago area. She’s had four other prosthetics. But I guess annual upgrades are necessary since Jordan keeps growing and prosthetics keep improving.

Jordan’s mom teaches at the Missouri School of Journalismand we’ve been friends for about a decade. When Jen messaged to ask about staying at our house, I immediately responded that it wouldn’t be a problem.

And it wasn’t. Despite my super early bedtime for my WGN Morning News shift, it was nice to see Jen and Jordan as we all came and went. It was especially fun to hear Jordan playing with the dolls and toys at our house that are now largely ignored by my teenage daughter. I imagine all the American Girls saying to each other, “Whoa, who’s this new girl shaking all the dust off of us?” or “Finally, someone changed my outfit. I’ve been wearing that dress for over two years!”

Jordan’s new helper arm took a little longer to make than anticipated. But due to logistics and my work, I never got to see it in person before the girls headed back to Missouri. Jen and I keep in close touch through social media so I love seeing her pictures and updates on Jordan there.

I miss hearing her little voice at our house. And I’m sure the American Girls are hoping she’ll be back someday so they can change into another outfit.

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