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Woman killed during fight with husband

A bond of $3 million has been set for a man from Addison who is charged with killing his wife during a fight.

Police say Kurtis Worley’s stabbed his wife Martha to death and stabbed his stepson in the throat.

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A man accused of killing his wife because she was divorcing him pleaded not guilty to the charges.

33-year-old Kurtis Worley of Addison was in DuPage County court today.

kurtisworleyHe’s being held on $3 million dollars bond.

Police say he stabbed his wife, Martha, 10 times in the head and face last month when she refused to have sex with him one last time before their divorce.

He’s also accused of stabbing his 15-year-old stepson in the throat before cutting his own wrists and neck.

Worley is due back in court next month.

An Addison man who reportedly confessed to killing his wife and later stabbing his step-son was ordered on $3 million dollars bond today.

33-year-old Kurtis Worley allegedly murdered his wife Martha in their Addison home last week.  Prosecutors say he’s confessed to the heinous crime

The couple  had been married more than 10 years and were going through a divorce.

In court today, Kurtis stood, eyes to the floor with bandaged wrists and visible wounds to his neck. Dupage County prosecutors say he tried to kill himself after he stabbed his wife over and over again early Friday morning. They say she refused to have sex with him one last time. So angry over their failing marriage, the defendant retreated to their garage overnight, drank tequila and vodka and then returned with two knives while she was sleeping.

His step-sons heard screaming from inside the couple’s bedroom and pounded on the door.  When Kurtis opened it, he was naked and stabbed the 15-year-old  in the neck. The other son, 12, called 911.

Martha Worley worked for St. Vincent DePaul’s thrift shop for close to 15 years. She is described as  a beautiful woman who loved her family and friends and was very hard working.

Coworker Simon Touma knew her marriage was ending and that Martha’s husband could be violent, but he never imagined this. It makes going to work difficult these days, he says, for everyone that knew and loved her.

“We miss her,” he says.

Kurtis Worley is expected back in court next month.

A DuPage County judge today set bond at $3 million dollars for Kurtis Worley, who is accused of murdering his wife and stabbing his stepson in their home in suburban Addison.

At a hearing this morning, Worley kept his head down as a DuPage County prosecutor laid out the case against him.  She told the judge Worley was upset because his wife wanted a divorce, and he stabbed her in the head and face about ten times because she refused to have sex with him one last time.

Worley is charged with first-degree murder and domestic battery.  The battery charge is in connection with the stabbing of one of his stepsons.

Addison police went to the Worley family home in the 900 block of North Craig Place just after 3 a.m. Friday.  Martha Worley’s 15- and 12-year-old sons had called 911.

Prosecutors say the boys heard their mother screaming for her bedroom.  They could not get in because the door was locked.  Kurtis Worley then opened the door.  He was naked and stabbed the older boy in his throat.

When police and paramedics finally got into the bedroom they found Martha Worley, 39, in bed with head wounds and facial lacerations.  She died at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.

Police found Kurtis Worley lying on the bedroom floor with self-inflicted stab wounds to his wrists and neck.  Investigators recovered a bloody knife and box cutter from the couple’s bedroom.

The couple also has a 9-year-old daughter.  She was not home at the time.

The boy who was stabbed in the throat remains hospitalized.  He will need to undergo rehab to get his voice back.

Kurtis Worley asked for a public defender.  His next court date is set for August 26.

Police in Addison charged a man  with killing his wife during a fight.

Police went to Kurtis Worley’s home on Craig St. early Friday morning to answer a domestic disturbance call.

They found Martha Worley’s body there; witnesses say she was beaten in the head with a sledgehammer and slashed in the throat.

It’s not clear whether her husband was injured in the fight.

Kurtis Worley faces a bond hearing this morning.

Police in suburban Addison are investigating the murder of a woman in an apparent domestic incident.
Sources tell the Chicago Tribune Martha Worley was beaten with a sledge hammer, and at least one other person was stabbed in the throat.
The attacker was reportedly injured and is hospitalized.
The Cook County Medical Examiner says Worley suffered blunt head trauma.
An autopsy will be done later today.

An apparent domestic incident in west suburban Addison has claimed the life of one person.

According to the Cook County Medical Examiner, a woman has died as a result of the incident.  Sources tell the Chicago Tribune the woman was beaten with a sledge hammer and at least one other person was stabbed in the throat.

Another person, believed to be the offender, was also injured and is hospitalized. This all happened in the 900 block of Craig Place beginning around 3:00 a.m. Friday.

Police were still on the scene late in the afternoon.

The Medical Examiner’s office is not releasing the name of the woman until her family has been notified. Neighbors say the family that lives there was always nice and are shocked by what happened.