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Will County employees on strike

About 1,000 Will County employees walked off the job for higher pay and more affordable health care.

The strike is expected to continue through the Thanksgiving holiday.

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A three-week strike in Will County appears to be over.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Will County officials reached a tentative agreement with striking union employees.

Workers walked off the job last month after contract talks between the county and its biggest union broke down.

The county wanted workers to pay a bigger share of health insurance, and employees were asking for more money.

No details about the agreement will be released until union members vote on the contract Thursday.

Workers also will begin returning to work on Thursday.

About 1,000 Will County employees will remain on strike through the Thanksgiving holiday.

They walked off the job nine days ago for higher pay and more affordable health care.

Union reps say they wanted to negotiate through the weekend but county leaders refused.

County officials say they met with the union for 10 hours on Monday, but the union is not working toward a resolution. So they scheduled another meeting for next week.

A week-long strike by Will County employees goes on.

County and union officials left a contract negotiating session Monday with no agreement, and no date for another meeting.

The strike affects everything from the county health department to the highway department, from the court system to the county’s central offices.

The walkout affects more than 1,000 Will County employees.

The Will County workers strike continues today, with no contract negotiations scheduled.

About 1,000 workers went on strike after contract negotiators couldn’t agree on salaries and benefits.

Picket lines formed Monday outside 26 county facilities, including a nursing home, the courthouse and the jail.

The county is shifting duties and using temporary workers to keep operations going.

More than a thousand Will County workers could walk off the job if a contract deal isn’t reached.