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This Friday, the Chicago Police Dept takes on the Chicago Fire Dept in the boxing ring for Battle of the Badges.

Two of the men stepping into the ring are former Notre Dame football standout Tom Zbikowski and Kendall Gill who played basketball at the University of Illinois and in the NBA.

They, along with officer Katie Chiczewski and firefighter Al Ortiz stopped by WGN to explain the event.

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Evenflo is recalling 1.4 million child seats because it could be hard to free a child in an emergency.

The recall involves Evenflo convertible and booster seats made from 2011 to 2014. The buckles may become stuck.

However, the company is being criticized for not recalling rear-facing infant seats that use the same buckle.

The company says the buckle does not prevent the infant seat from being detached from the base.

The recall includes some of Evenflo’s Momentum, Chase, Maestro, Symphony, Snugli, Titan, SureRide and SecureKid models. The affected seats have model number prefixes of 306, 308, 310, 329, 345, 346, 371 or 385.

For more information: Contact Evenflo at 1-800-490-7591 or online at

WGN’s Marcus Leshock has an update about the 7-year-old boy on a mission to help a community center on Chicago’s West Side.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued a Public Health Alert for processed egg products from a company in Washington state.

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service says there’s reason to conclude the processed egg products made by Nutriom LLC are unfit for human consumption.

The company recalled some products last month, but refused to include an additional 118,000 pounds in the recall.

The USDA will be taking steps to remove the products from sale.

They were shipped nationwide.. as well as to U.S. military installations, and to Mexico.

The following products were shipped to co-packers for incorporation into consumer-size packages:

  • 3,884-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “H0613-B”
  • 1,031-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “I0413-A”
  • 958-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “I0413-A”
  • 4,422-lb. super sack of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the lot code “L1713-A”

The following products were packaged in consumer-sized packages:

  • 1.75-lb. packs of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the Julian dates “0374,” “0384,” “2683” and “2693”
  • 66-gram spray bottles of “Bak-Klene Egg Wash” with the lot code “L1013A”
  • 1.17-lb. packs of “OvaEasy UGRA, Reduced Cholesterol” with the Julian dates “3129,” “3228,” “3229,” “3230,” “3231,” “3281,” “3282,” “3283,” “3284,” “3337,” “3338,” “3339” and “3340”
  • 4.5-oz. cans of “OvaEasy Whole Plain Egg” with the Julian date “2883”
  • 571-gram packs of “Vitovo Low Fat” with the Julian date “3193”
  • 1.1-lb. bags of “OvaEasy Boil-in-Bag UGR, Heat & Serve (HS)” with the Julian dates “3161,” “3162,” “3182,” “3183,” “3188,” “3201,” “3202,” “3203,” “3204,” “3205,” “3208,” “3209,” “3210,” “3211,” “3212,” “3213,” “3220,” “3221” and “3222”
  • 2-oz. packs of “OvaEasy Plain Whole Egg” with the Julian dates “0074,” “0084,” “0094,” “0354,” “0364,” “0374,” “2243,” “2253,” “2953,” “2963,” “3463,” “3473” and “3483”
  • 66-gram spray bottles of “Panera Egg Wash” with the Julian dates “0104,” “0154,” “0164,” “0174,” “0214,” “0224,” “0234,” “0244,” “0284,” “0294,” “0304” and “0314”
  • 2-oz. pack of “Wise Company, Wise Blend” with the Julian date “0943”



A drunk driver plowed into a crowd at SXSW in Austin, Texas, on March 13, killing Jamie West and critically injuring her husband, Evan.

The family is raising money to help with the costs of Jaime’s funeral, and to support Evan as he begins his long recovery.


ComEd announced today it will dedicate $10 million dollars to help customers struggling to pay their electric bills.

The announcement came at an event at a Chicago area senior center where people could sign up for ComEd ‘s service.

The company also announced flexible payment options and relaxed requirements for its care program.

This program helps customers who have received higher than normal bills due to this winter’s severe weather.

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It’s either a mark of honor or shame: Chicago’s Depy of Streets and San has filled its 200,000th pothole.

The harsh weather has already put us way ahead of last year’s pace when CDOT crews filled more than 600,000 potholes.

This year’s average is 250 holes filled, per crew–per day.Mayor Emanuel announced the addition of six more crews, capable of filling an additional 1500 holes per day.

Chicagoans can track the fight against potholes and see a week’s worth of CDOT’s work on the City’s Pothole Tracker application at:

Early voting will begin on Monday, March 3 for the March 18, 2014 Gubernatorial Primary Election.

Click here for a list of early voting locations in Chicago (pdf)

Chicago’s big dig out continues tonight after a midday snow storm blew through the area.

The roads usually congested with rush hour traffic ground to a halt.
Traffic on the Dan Ryan and Kennedy Expressways were anything but express tonight.  A semi and other vehicles stuck on the ramps were to blame.
This afternoon, Mayor Emanuel greeted city workers charged with keeping roadways clear.

“We have all the salt we need,” Emanuel said. “We have all the salt we need to keep the streets paved, passable and safe for the residents and businesses in the city of Chicago.”

It’s a winter that’s taxing budgets and the patience of a usually sturdy city with big shoulders, now covered in snow.

More info: City of Chicago Plow Tracker

Nutriom is recalling about 226,000 pounds of processed egg products due to potential salmonella contamination.

According to the food poisoning bulletin OvaEasy egg mixes are the affected products.

Local laboratories discovered the problem in response to a bill inquiry by the company. Then they notified the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.

The products were shipped nationwide as well as areas of Canada.

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