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Body of missing University of Chicago student found

A body discovered by a fisherman has been identified by family as that of Austin Hudson-Lapore, 21, a third-year University of Chicago biochemistry student.

He had been missing for about a week.

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The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office will do an autopsy today to determine the cause of death of a University of Chicago student whose body was found in Lake Michigan.

A man fishing near 39th and Lake Shore Drive spotted the body of Austin Hudson-Lapore in the water, Wednesday morning.

The student had been missing for a week.

It’s not clear what happened, but his family said he likely went to the lakefront to watch storms that were approaching Chicago.

Today, his family remembered Austin as they thanked his friends and supporters.

Austin’s family was joined this morning at a news conference with University of Chicago Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Karen Warren Coleman.

Coleman said university counseling services are available to everyone impacted by his death.

Family members who came to Chicago from New Mexico in search of their missing son had their worst nightmare come true as a body pulled from Lake Michigan is that of a University of Chicago student.

A man fishing spotted the body around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday at 39th and Lake Shore Drive.

Relatives identified the victim as 21-year-old Austin Hudson-Lapore. He  disappeared last Wednesday night, possibly to watch the storms move through Chicago along the lakefront.

The young man’s father Gregg Lapore declined to talk with reporters.

The victim had just completed his third year as a biochemistry student and planned to work at a lab on campus during the summer.

“Austin was a bright, promising student who was active on campus, had a great love for the outdoors, and was very engaged in the Shorey House community,” said Karen Warren Coleman, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services at U of C, in a statement. “The University community sends our deepest sympathy and condolences to Austin’s family and his friends here at the University and across the country. We will have more information soon about a memorial service to honor Austin’s life.”

Search efforts resumed today for a University of Chicago student who went missing last week.

It has been almost a week since Austin Hudson-Lapore disappeared from the University of Chicago campus.  Lapore had just finished taking his last exam to complete his junior year.

His family thinks that the weather may have drawn him to the lake.

Today, Austin’s mother is reviewing surveillance video while his father is walking the lakefront and the parks near campus.

Walking near the city’s lakefront, Austin’s father Gregg Lapore is a long way from his home in New Mexico. He dropped everything last week when he received a call telling him that his 20-year-old son was missing.

Almost a week later, there is little chance that the future biochemist is alive, but his father refuses to give up the search.

“Austin really enjoyed weather and was fearless about the outdoors,” said Gregg Lapore.

That is what prompted Robert Larson, a volunteer K-9 handler to get involved. Larson spent 12 hours a day for 30 straight days looking for Breyon Hunter, the one-year-old Maywood boy allegedly murdered and dumped in the Des Plaines River.  He found the boy’s remains.

Larson would like to help the Lapore family if he is able.

Dexter is his 3-year-old cadaver dog with a nose that doesn’t lie. Today, Dexter smelled something near the rocks at 57th Street and the lake.

Later Dexter and his owner combed the Japanese garden just south of the Museum of Science and Industry. These were all places that Austin liked to roam.

Police continued their search by circling the area overhead. They have given up their water search. They say time is no longer on their side.

Still Gregg Lapore presses on saying hope is what keeps him going.

“Hopefully we will find some sort of clarity today,” said Gregg Lapore.

The private search has concluded for the day, and will resume again Wednesday.

Search efforts resumed Tuesday for a missing University of Chicago student.

Austin Hudson-Lapore, 20,  is a biochemistry student and was last seen leaving his apartment near 53rd and Kimbark last Wednesday night.

Relatives say he may have been on his way to the lakefront.

Tuesday’s search started off near his apartment on South Kimbark.

A K-9 unit was brought in.

It tracked Lapore to Promontory Point along the lakefront.

Another tip about spotting Lapore in the South Loop over the weekend has not panned out.

Search efforts have resumed for a missing college student.

20-year-old Austin Hudson-Lapore was last seen leaving his apartment near 53rd and Limbark last Wednesday night.

Relatives say he may have been on his way to the lakefront.

Today’s search is starting off near Hudson-Lapore’s apartment on south Kimbark.

Hudson-Lapor is a biochemistry student at the University of Chicago.

The family of a missing college student believes he may have gone out to watch last week’s strong storms when he disappeared.

20-year-old Austin Hudson-Lapore is a biochemistry student at the University of Chicago.

His roommate says Austin left their apartment in the 5300 block of South Kimbark last Wednesday night between 8:30 p.m. and and 10 p.m.

His father believes Austin may have walked to the lakefront.

Community activists helped the family pass out flyers in Hyde Park over the weekend.

The parents of a University of Chicago student who disappeared this week are asking that anyone with information come forward immediately.

20-year-old Austin Hudson-LaPore was last seen by his roommate, leaving his apartment in the 5300 block of South Kimbark Avenue Wednesday night, some time between 8:30 and 10.

His family says he was fascinated with the weather, and may have walked along 53rd or 55th street to the lakefront to watch a storm system roll into the area that night.

He left his phone and wallet, taking only his keys.

You can find photos of Austin and more information at a web site set up by the family …