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TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau jailed after failing to pay fine

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was ordered back to jail by a federal.

Trudeau has repeatedly failed to pay a penny toward $38 million in fines for making false advertising claims in a weight-loss book.

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TV pitchman and author Kevin Trudeau was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for lying to consumers about the benefits of a weight-loss plan.

Trudeau gave a lengthy statement in front of federal Judge Ronald Guzman.  Wearing an orange jail jumpsuit Trudeau said his last four months at the Metropolitan Correctional Center changed everything, that it was his wakeup call.

Trudeau said it was, “One of the best, most positive experiences of his life, a blessing.”

That being in jail has, “shaken him to his core.”

That he’s been, “stripped of all ego, defiance, arrogance and pride.”

Trudeau also said he takes 100 percent responsibility for his actions and that it would never happen again.

But Judge Guzman said his revelations, if true, were too little too late and said, Trudeau treated federal court orders as if they were suggestions.  That he publicly ridiculed and blatantly rejected opportunities to change his conduct.

Trudeau’s already twice been convicted of contempt.

Judge Guzman said: “Since he was 25 years old, the defendant, has steadfastly attempted to cheat others for his own personal gain.”

Trudeau supporters came from all over the country, crowding the courtroom.

One of those supporters was carried out of court by his arms and legs after twice interrupting court.  The supporter is Ed foreman, an 80-year-old retired congressman from Texas and New Mexico.  He is now a motivational speaker and appears in this YouTube video for one of Kevin Trudeau’s secretive organizations called the Global Information Network. He says he’s known him since he was 19.

Trudeau still hasn’t repaid the $37 million he was fined in civil court.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau told a federal judge he’d prefer waterboarding to jail.

No more dapper suits for the jailed Trudeau, who wore an orange jumpsuit and thick glasses to court.  Trudeau said he’s willing to be waterboarded to prove he’s not hiding assets overseas.

The judge is holding him in contempt for allegedly hiding money to avoid paying a $37 million fine.

The fine is for false claims in ads for a weight loss book.  The judge cited Trudeau’s history of lying and sent him back to jail.

A federal judge in Chicago today ordered TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau  jailed for once again failing to come clean about his assets, but the rub was that Trudeau was already behind bars following his conviction in a separate federal courtroom last week for criminal contempt of court.

With Trudeau standing before the bench in an orange jail jumpsuit, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman laid into him like Dean Wormer scolding the gang at the Delta house. The judge told the best-selling author and motivational speaker that his latest order of incarceration was on top of any sentence he faces in his criminal case.

“I just don’t believe him,” Gettleman said of Trudeau, noting he had already jailed him twice recently to try to force him to pay a $37 million fine “and it hasn’t happened.”

Gettleman was upset over the latest financial report that showed nearly $75,000 had been transferred in August from a Swiss bank account in Trudeau’s name to his personal assistant and a company owned by his longtime associate, Lee Kenny. The transfers occurred nearly a month after Gettleman had frozen Trudeau’s assets and directed him to disclose any funds hidden overseas to a court-appointed receiver.

On Sept. 20, the day after Trudeau was released from an overnight stay at the Metropolitan Correctional Center – also courtesy of Gettleman — he met with the receiver and claimed to have “just remembered” an account at Migros Bank in Zurich, court records show.

Trudeau’s attorney, Thomas Kirsch, said today the assistant had made the transfers herself using Trudeau’s login and password and that he had nothing to do with it. After more than 20 minutes of back-and-forth arguments by a roomful of attorneys, a weary-sounding Gettleman cut them off, saying it was pointless to squabble over such a small amount of money when it’s likely that millions of dollars more are missing.


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50-year-old Kevin Trudeau officially traded in his pristine navy suit for an orange jumpsuit Tuesday when a federal jury convicted him of criminal contempt. At issue were his bestselling books and how they translated to Trudeau’s late night infomercials.

The lawyer for the author and TV pitchman called them “advertising” plain and simple. Prosecutors called them a pack of lies misleading the public and that he was motivated by greed.  For that, the defendant could be looking at anything from probation to life in prison.

Today, after a weeklong trial,  the verdict was read and Judge Ronald Guzman had the defendant taken into custody immediately saying he was a flight risk.

Trudeau’s supporters were with him in court.  They subscribe to his teachings, some greatly critical of the government, and they believe in Trudeau is a humble man and changing lives with his message.

Sometime after the new year, Judge Guzman will sentence Trudeau but no specific date has been set. For now, a flurry of post-trial motions likely will be filed as Trudeau sits in jail.  There is no bond for him. He has another federal case hanging over his head.  Another Cook County judge is  trying to sort out an unpaid debt of $38 million owed the Federal Trade Commission. The court is suggesting Trudeau is hiding the large sum in overseas accounts.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau is back in court Tuesday to face federal charges for making false weight-loss claims.

Trudeau is accused of violating an FTC decree which banned him from misrepresenting the content of his hit book, “The Weight Loss Cure, They Don’t Want You to Know About.”

Regulators say he violated the order with infomercials claiming the book was filled with “easy” techniques when it actually called for prescription hormone injections, a month of colon hydrotherapy and a 500-calorie-per-day diet regimen.

If convicted he could be sentenced to several years in prison.

Trudeau still owes $37 million in fines for the original lawsuit but says he’s too broke to pay the money.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was freed from a Cook County jail.

Trudeau had been locked-up at the Metropolitan Correctional Center twice in the past month and a half.

The Federal Trade Commission wants the 50-year-old to pay a $37 million fine for misrepresenting the contents of his book, “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.”   They based the fine on the number of books sold.

Federal officials are trying to force him to reveal the whereabouts of millions of dollars they think he has hidden in offshore accounts. Trudeau insists the money’s gone, and today, said so under oath.

The judge warned him he’ll face perjury charges if that turns out not to be true.

A jury trial, on criminal contempt charges, is scheduled to go before a different judge next week.

Kevin Trudeau will stay in jail until at least next week.

The TV pitchman owes $37 million in damages for selling a weight-loss book that the government says failed to deliver on its promises.

Thursday, Trudeau told a judge he doesn’t have any money to pay the judgment; the judge didn’t believe him.

Trudeau returns to court Monday; the judge expects him to return with a repayment plan.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was back in court Tuesday morning, and just as fast, a federal judge ordered him back to jail.

Trudeau has repeatedly failed to pay a penny toward a $37 million in fines for making false advertising claims in a weight-loss book.

Trudeau did not speak to the media as he entered the Dirksen Federal Building Tuesday.

He addressed Judge Robert Gettleman at length about the financial mess that was once his multi-million dollar empire that was fueled by a best-selling weight loss book.

Claims in that book are what prompted the $37 million fine.

In court Trudeau said, “I can’t turn over assets that don’t exist.”  But he also claims he doesn’t know the location of all of his assets.

The FTC and the receiver in the case say that claim is false, that Trudeau is hiding assets around the world and that he controls a fortune that includes gold bars, coins and luxury items.

The judge agreed and ordered Trudeau jailed until the fine is paid.  Judge Gettleman even suggested that Trudeau read his own self-help book about memory.

A former employee of the TV pitchman says Trudeau likely has money, somewhere, but probably not much.  “I believe that he’ll always keep something for himself when he gets out of jail.  I do believe that.  Does he have $37 million?  I believe that he was always one step from broke because he spent money as fast as it came in,” said Peter Wink.

Trudeau will be jailed until at least Thursday when he’s due back in court.  Until then, he’ll be behind bars at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau is due in court Tuesday morning, and he may be in jail by the end of the day.

Trudeau failed to pay $38 million in fines for making false advertising claims in a weight-loss book. The judge gave Trudeau until Tuesday to report back to court, so that he could attend a fundraiser in Washington for his legal defense fund.

Trudeau said he doesn’t have any money, despite allegations that he lives a lavish life style. The judge says he must stay in jail until he identifies all of his assets in order to pay the fines.

Trudeau will have to either surrender or prove that he can not pay the fine.

50-year-old TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau was ordered back to jail Wednesday.

Trudeau will report back Tuesday after a fundraiser in Washington to raise money for his legal defense fund.

The judge plans to keep him in jail until he identifies and turns over all his assets to satisfy a nearly $38 million fine for misleading consumers with advertising for a weight loss book.

Trudeau spent one night in jail last month but the judge released him on the condition he give an accounting of his assets.

Trudeau did not comply.

He has previously claimed he doesn’t have any money.