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Sandi Jackson resigns, pleads guilty to federal charges

Sandi Jackson stepped down from her 7th Ward Alderman position in January, and has since pleaded guilty to one count of filing false tax returns in federal court.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel chose Natashia Holmes to take Jackson’s place.

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Mayor Emanuel is accepting online applications for people who want to replace Alderman Sandi Jackson in the 7th Ward.

Jackson stepped down Tuesday, citing family matters.

Emanuel says he’ll name a four-person panel next week to go through candidates.

The website will be up tomorrow to accept applications.

One requirement is a record of community involvement and engagement.

Sources tell the Tribune the mayor will be cautious of appointing anyone linked to either the Jackson or Beavers families.

Cook County Commissioner William Beavers is charged with failing to pay taxes on campaign funds that he used for personal expenses.

She missed most city council meetings over the past year, so it’s not that surprising that Sandi Jackson was nowhere to be seen on her last day as alderman of Chicago’s 7th Ward.

Tonight workers and supporters gathered at her ward office where Jackson spoke to them via phone.

She’d said she was in Alabama for a family funeral.

Supporters did not share her comments tonight.

Jackson announced her resignation on Friday.  It comes after her husband, Jesse Jackson Jr resigned from congress because of treatment for bipolar disorder– and with a federal investigation hanging over him.

Sandi Jackson cited the need to take care of her family in her resignation letter.

In a text message tonight, Jackson wrote about her staff saying, “I told them how much I love and appreciate them and assured them the progress we’ve made will not end. I encouraged them to stay engaged because  there is still so much work to be done. Then I encouraged them to ask any question they wanted in order to dispel any rumors they may be hearing. It was a very robust, lively and heartwarming meeting!”

Tuesday is Sandi Jackson’s final day as Chicago’s 7th Ward Alderman.

Jackson’s resignation from the Chicago City Council officially takes effect on Tuesday.  She was first elected in 2007.

She leaves office less than two months after her husband, Jesse Jackson, Jr., resigned from Congress in the midst of a federal ethics investigation and a diagnosis of bipolar depression.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office says the mayor will likely appoint a new alderman for the 7th Ward in the next day or two, even though he’s not required to fill the seat for 60 days.

With Alderman Sandi Jackson stepping down, Mayor Emanuel plans to swiftly replace her.
The 7th Ward alderman’s resignation takes effect tomorrow.
A spokesman says the mayor plans to name her successor early this week, though he has 60 days to do so.
He’s looking for someone with a history of community involvement on the south side.
Jackson is quitting less than two months after her husband resigned from congress amid a federal ethics probe and a diagnosis of bipolar depression.

Mayor Emanuel’s choice to replace Sandi Jackson as 7th Ward Alderman is expected to come soon.

Emanuel’s spokeswoman says the mayor plans to announce his plans early this week.

He is reportedly looking for a replacement that has a history of community involvement.

The 7th ward’s political leadership has been hurt by the indictment of former Alderman William Beavers and Jackson’s resignation, which takes effect Tuesday.

Sandi Jackson resigned less than two months after her husband quit amid ongoing federal ethics probes into his campaign finances and a diagnosis of bipolar depression.

Mayor Emanuel has 60 days to name a replacement.

One day after the announcement came that Sandi Jackson would be stepping down, some constituents say they are not sad to see her go.

Ald. Sandi Jackson has resigned from Chicago City Council.

Jackson submitted her resignation as Alderman of the 7th Ward to the Chicago City Council in a written letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Mayor Emanuel issued a statement Friday afternoon thanking Jackson for all of her work and said “As Sandi takes this time to focus on her family, we give her our deepest thanks and support for her service to our City and the residents of her ward.  Her leadership has been greatly appreciated in the Chicago City Council.”

“The process to identify a replacement for Alderman Jackson to serve and represent the residents of Chicago’s 7th ward will be announced early next week,” according to the mayor’s office.

There has recently been a great deal of talk around City Hall that she would be stepping down– there were also rumors nearly a month ago that she might run to replace her husband in congress.

She responded then that she had no interest and would only leave the council if something catastrophic happened.

Sandi and ex-congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. live, for the most part, in Washington, D.C. with their two children. This resignation or course follows that of the congressman– who stepped down from congress after become embroiled in a federal investigation that is still ongoing.

He has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Given all the challenges facing her family, Sandi Jackson’s fellow alderman say they understand.

Ald. Bob Fioretti of the 2nd Ward said Friday that he “Think[s] she had to come to the right kind of decision for the family and think[s] that’s what she did today.”

Danny Davis calls this the greatest tragedy he has seen in all of his 30 years in congress– doubly tragic, as it involves the fall of not one civic leader, but two — from an iconic family whose potential once seen as virtually unlimited.

Jackson’s resignation will go into effect January 15, 2013, according to the mayor’s office.

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