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WGN is inside the courtroom at the Drew Peterson retrial hearing. Get the latest updates here.

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Drew Peterson’s hearing for a new trial has resumed at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Kathleen Savio’s family is seated in the courtroom along with Stacy Peterson’s sister Cassandra Cales.

Peterson’s defense team alleges Peterson had ineffective counsel when Joel Brodsky was on the team as therefore should get a new trial.

Drew Peterson’s hearing for a new trial is back on, but not without the drama that often inserted itself throughout Peterson’s murder trial.

Peterson’s ex-lead attorney Joel Brodsky, furious about earlier testimony from a former law partner, handed WGN-TV copies of an email with a hate message he claims was sent a year earlier from Reem Odeh.  When contacted, Odeh said her phone had been stolen on that particular day, when the message was sent and she followed up with an apology to Mr. Brodsky.

Although this has happened outside of the courtroom,  the animosity between attorney is clearly felt.

Defense attorney Steve Greenberg has also been spotted in the media overflow room again as well.

In another interesting twist in the case of Drew Peterson,  the hearing for a new trial for Peterson has thus far focused on the behavior and ethics of former defense attorney Joel Brodsky.

A former law partner of Brodsky’s, Reem Odeh, told the court that Brodsky was “furious” with her when she said she was leaving the firm.

Judge Edward Burmila asked Odeh why she didn’t take pertinent documents with her upon leaving.

Odeh answered by describing a tense situation where she left quickly and had her belongings shipped out.

Odeh said that at one point Brodsky “physically attacked” her and the police had to be called.

The second witness has now been called.  He is a law professor who teaches professional responsibility and ethics at John Marshall Law School.

The first witness in today’s Peterson hearing has been called to the stand by the defense.

Reem Odeh, a criminal defense attorney who was once a partner with Joel Brodsky and on the Peterson defense team, is being questioned by Steve Greenberg.

Their business partnership ended in 2010.

Odeh said she had nothing to do with hiring to the PR firm the “publicity agency.”  She added that Brodsky had discussions with her on many occasions that hiring a public relations firm could benefit himself and the firm.

Odeh also testified that this morning when she was coming into the courthouse, Brodsky uttered words to the effect – “watch and see about everything that I know.”

Odeh said she perceived that statement to be “intimidating and threatening.”

WGN Assignment Editor, Kelly Barnicle

Judge Burmila has begun the hearing by addressing the matter of the defamation lawsuit filed by Joel Brodsky against his former co-counsel Steve Greenberg.

Judge is asking Drew Peterson if he still has “100 percent confidence” in the attorney’s that are representing him now.

“Yes, sir,” Peterson said.

Burmila said he had concerns that this could be a “ tactic” and could come up in the future court proceedings.

WGN Assignment Editor, Kelly Barnicle

Wearing navy blue jail garb, Drew Peterson took a seat at the defense table and scanned the courtroom as family, reporters and onlookers filed in.

Peterson did not appear to have much of a difference in his appearance.

His arms and legs are handcuffed as he is now a convicted criminal.

Hearing is underway.

WGN Assignment Editor, Kelly Barnicle

Drew Peterson’s defense attorney, Steve Greenberg, was served a summons this morning outside the Will County Courthouse.

The summons is related to a lawsuit former Peterson attorney, Joel Brodsky, has filed against Greenberg. The lawsuit alleges that Greenberg defamed him in a 15-page letter sent to various media outlets including the Chicago Tribune.

In the letter Greenberg had blamed Brodsky for losing the trial.

Brodsky is also here at the courthouse this morning expecting to testify in today’s hearing.

He was subpoenaed by the prosecution.

WGN Assignment Editor, Kelly Barnicle