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Medical marijuana legalized in Illinois

Governor Quinn signed a bill that legalizes the use of marijuana for medical purposes in Illinois.

Under the new law, a person could be prescribed no more than two-and-a-half ounces of marijuana over two weeks.

The prescribing doctor must also have a prior medical relationship with the patient.

A doctor must find that the patient has one of a few dozen serious or chronic conditions for the marijuana to be prescribed.

The new law would take effect January 1.

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The Illinois House approved a measure Wednesday to let people use marijuana for medical purposes.

It was a close vote: 61 to 57.

Proponents say it would start with a four-year pilot program and would be the most restrictive of these types of laws in the nation.

The bill now moves to the Illinois Senate, which has passed similar legislation in the past.

Governor Quinn says he’s open-minded about the issue.