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Maine West hazing incident

The mother of a freshman at Maine West High School in northwest suburban Des Plaines are suing the Maine Township School District over an alleged hazing incident. The lawsuit claims the teen was beaten and sexually assaulted by older players in September. The school confirms that a hazing incident did occur at the school in 2008 but no other details have been released.

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An outside investigation into the hazing at Maine West High School has cleared several officials of any wrong-doing.

The investigation was launched after several members of the boys’ soccer team claimed they were sexually abused as part of a hazing ritual.

One coach was fired, another suspended and six team members face misdemeanor charges.

The investigation concluded District 207 officials responded appropriately to the allegations.

The coaches, as well as school officials and the district, are all named in a lawsuit brought by alleged hazing victims.


The hazing scandal at Maine West High School in Des Plaines is costing the school district a lot of money.

maine westA former federal prosecutor and a team of seven assistants have already charged the district more than $74,000; the team is examining emails and employee personnel files related to the incident.

Several members of the boys’ soccer team claim they were sexually abused as part of a hazing ritual.

Maine west fired two coaches; six fellow team members face misdemeanor charges.

The investigation is expected to wrap up soon.

Michael Divincenzo is out as Maine West’s High School soccer coach.

The coach is under investigation for enabling team members to beat, and in some cases, sexually assault younger players.

Divincenzo challenged his suspension in December, but now he is dropping that challenge.

In return, the school board will provide him with an attorney, as he and the school district face a state investigation of the alleged hazing.

Divincenzo denies any wrongdoing.

An Illinois DCFS investigation determined two Maine West Staff members abused and neglected children.

The finding appears to be linked to the high school’s soccer team hazing scandal.

A DCFS spokesman said three allegations of abuse have been substantiated, but they were not named.

Two coaches were suspended without pay and have been named in a lawsuit filed by four student athletes who claim they were sexually assaulted during hazing rituals.

A new report released by the Department of Children and Family Services says reports of evidence of neglect and abuse at Maine West High School, amid hazing allegations, are substantiated.
Maine West boys’ soccer coaches Emilio Rodriguez and Michael Divincenzo have been suspended without pay, as school board officials pursue their dismissal.
The two are named in a lawsuit filed by four current and former student athletes, who say they were sexually assaulted in hazing rituals at the school. Some of them say the assaults go back to 2007.
The Chicago Sun-Times reports DCFS was able to substantiate claims of abuse.  That report can now be used by the Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez in it’s investigation of the hazing allegations.

Alvarez has not announced if criminal charges will be charged.
Rodriquez and Divincenzo have denied the accusations and they are appealing their suspension.

The District 207 School Board held a special meeting tonight on the hazing scandal at Maine West High School.

They are deliberating is whether further disciplinary action should be taken against staff members after a now-infamous hazing incident at Maine West High School.

A varsity soccer coach has already been suspended without pay- and the district will likely move to fire him altogether. A second coach was suspended without pay tonight pending dismissal.

No action has yet to be taken by the board against the school’s principal, Audrey Haugan.

“I don’t know I that I want to call it obstruction, but I do think that someone is protecting the principal, and I don’t think she should be afforded that kind of protection when she was aware that there was abuse and did not stop it,” said Antonio Romanucci, the alleged victims’ attorney. “And the only thing she did was sanction the players and not the coaches … so the conduct could continue.”

The states attorney’s office is already investigating what went at the school, which has been described as a particularly brutal example of hazing.  Some say it’s become part of the culture at the school, almost accepted behavior.  But it is behavior the lawyer for the alleged hazing victims says faculty members have long been aware of and accepted.

Behavior, he says, that needs to stop.

The District 207 School Board will hold a special meeting Thursday night where they could take further disciplinary action in the Maine West hazing case.

A civil suit has been filed on behalf of four alleged hazing victims on the boys’ soccer team and subpoenas have been issued in an ongoing investigation by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.

Among those named in the civil suit are varsity soccer coach and former freshman baseball coach Michael Divincenzo, who’s suspended without pay and freshman soccer coach Emilio Rodriguez, who’s on paid leave.

Maine Township High School District 207 confirms school administrators have been hit with subpoenas about an alleged hazing scandal.
Grand jury subpoenas seek records from the superintendent and the three district principals.
Several former and current Maine West Students say they were victims of hazing and sexual assault while on the school’s baseball and soccer teams.
Six soccer players have been charged with misdemeanor battery and two coaches have been put on leave.

A grand jury in the Maine West hazing investigation is using subpoenas to look at the records of several school officials.

According to the Chicago Sun-times, the Cook County Grand Jury sought records from the superintendent of Maine Township School district, as well as the principals of its three high schools.

Several former and current Maine West students say they were victims of hazing and sexual assault while on school athletic teams.

School officials suspended Maine West soccer coach Michael Divincenzo last month, after he was accused of knowing about the hazing.

Divincenzo has appealed that ruling.

Grand jury subpoenas were issued in the hazing investigation at Maine West High School.

Several former and current Maine West students reported that they were victims of hazing, while on school athletic teams.

Some said they were sexually assaulted.

Last month the school district decided to suspend Maine West coach Michael Divincenzo, without pay, before it dismissed him.

That coach has appealed the ruling and denied any knowledge of hazing to Des Plaines police.