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Late summer heat wave slams Chicago

A heat wave slammed the Chicago area just as students headed back to school

Temperatures aren’t expected to let up until Labor Day.

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There are a few schools that are closing early today because of the hot weather.

Those schools include:

  • District 129 in Aurora
  • Laraway School and Oak Valley School in Joliet
  • Meadow View School and Woodview School in Grayslake
  • District 207 in Peotone


Chicago Public Schools dealt with the heat on the second day of school

Some schools are now equipped with window units, but some schools don’t have air conditioning at all.

A CPS spokesperson says, “The overwhelming majority of schools in the district have full or partial a/c.  We don’t have an updated count as of today.   But even more schools this year have it than did last year.”

Several suburban schools closed early due to the heat.

The first day of school was a hot one for Chicago Public Schools students.

Today some area schools are closing early because of the expected 90-degree heat.

Schools in west Aurora plan to release students by noon today.

Districts 60 and 90 in Waukegan and Lockport are also closing early.


In Chicago, most schools have air conditioning, but some buildings do not.

Over the summer CPS installed 2,000 air conditioners in schools.

800 fans are also available to keep classrooms cool.

CPS has not announced any plans to shorten the school day.

Teachers and staff are advised to keep cool by closing shades, and moving to cooler rooms.


Heat and humidity sticks around

The late season heat is on! With just seven 90s on the books officially at O’Hare to date (11 at Midway) this year, this final week of August and meteorological summer seems destined to add to the tally with a 92 Monday and 90s again Tuesday–and no lake cooling.

A 96 degree Tuesday would be the hottest late season (final week of August/first week of Sept) temperature to reach Chicago in 22 years–and it seems to be where we’re headed.

Some blockbuster late season thunderstorms may erupt Tuesday and Tuesday night across sections of Wisconsin, Michigan’s UP and Minnesota–and there are signs some of these storms may have to be monitored Tuesday night. They could conceivably impact northern sections of the greater Chicago area. Warm air capping to the south should limit the southward spread of these storms–but extreme northern Illinois is close enough to monitor this set up carefully. If nothing else, we may see quite a lightning display on the northern horizon from Chicago and our northern suburbs Tuesday night.

As of now, there’s huge model disparities over the upcoming Labor Day weekend’s weather. The Weather Service’s GFS model drives blazing late-summer heat back into the area; the European Center’s model suggests the hot dome will collapse Sunday with Canadian air washing into the area Sunday and Labor Day. The Navy model adopts aspects of each, bringing heat back Saturday but shifting winds off Lake Michigan and cooling us Sunday/Monday.

For updates and more log on to Chicago Weather Center.


Forecast: 90 degrees by lunchtime in Chicago

Classes begin today in Chicago and the end of summer is near, but this week promises to deliver some of the year’s hottest temperatures.

Highs in the 90s are predicted today and Tuesday with humidity potentially pushing the heat index into the 100s, according to the National Weather Service. There’s a good chance temperatures both days will approach the record highs of 97, both set in 1973. Tuesday looks like the hottest of the two days.

Sunday was the third straight day Chicago got 100 percent of its possible sunshine, according to Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski. Temperatures reached 89 degrees at O’Hare International Airport.

According to, Chicago has had seven 90-degree days this summer, including four straight on July 16-19. The year’s warmest temperature was 96 on July 19, according to National Weather Service records.

After things cool down a bit with some rain on Wednesday and Thursday, the forecast for the Labor Day weekend includes the possibility of more heat.

For a list of Chicago cooling centers, click here.

–Chicago Tribune staff report

As meteorological summer nears its end, the Chicago area is gearing up for an extended run of hot weather.

So far this summer, the city has officially logged just seven 90-degree-plus days, including four in a row from July 16-19, but readings are expected to surge into the lower 90s Sunday marking the start of an extended late-season heat wave that could last through Labor Day. Increasing humidity levels will accompany the hot weather as dew points climb into the 70s sending heat indexes soaring to triple-digits on Monday and Tuesday.

A weak cold front will trigger a few thunderstorms Wednesday or Wednesday night as less humid air arrives for Thursday and Friday. Inland temperatures are still expected to peak around 90,  but lake breezes will keep lakeside readings in the 80s.

 For more log on to Chicago Weather Center.


Late season heat wave rolls into Chicago

Expect a hot weekend to wrap up the end of summer.

WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling has the latest forecast