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Lane Tech prep athlete injured during game

A North Side student on the varsity football team remains hospitalized after he was seriously injured last week during a game.

Andrew Williams was injured at some point during the game between Lane Tech and Dunbar High School at Gatley Stadium Friday, possibly suffering a concussion.

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A Lane Tech football player who collapsed at a game October 4 was rushed to the hospital Wednesday night and is now in intensive care.

A family member says Drew Williams was discharged from Christ Hospital’s trauma treatment center earlier on Tuesday and was transferred to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Several hours later he was rushed to Lurie Children’s Hospital over fears he had developed an infection.

Williams is currently in isolation.

The high school senior suffered a severe brain injury during a game at Gately Stadium and remains in a coma.

There is hopeful news for the Lane Tech football player who collapsed during a football game earlier this month.

Drew Williams suffered an apparent seizure.

While he is still in a coma, his family says he has been taken off the critical list at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

Williams needed emergency surgery to reduce swelling in his brain.

But the family says the swelling no longer threatens his life.

A website called “Drew’s Recovery Fund” is collecting donations to cover the family’s medical expenses.

A high school football star remains in a coma and fights for his life as his friends and family struggle to make sense of what happened on the field.

17-year-old Drew Williams, wide receiver and defensive back for Lane Tech, collapsed on the sidelines during a game last Friday night

Neil Hernandez, Lane Tech class of 1988, was at the game against Dunbar High School when Williams went down.

“We saw coaches looked frantic,” he says.  “It didn’t look like a normal thing.”

It wasn’t a normal or typical game day injury. Williams suffered a subdural hematoma, a serious brain injury with a blood clot. Far more serious than any concussion, says Dr. Julian Bailes from NorthShore University Health System. Dr Bailes is a neurosurgeon there and an expert on football head injuries.

Bailes maintains football itself is probably safer today than it was years ago.

Dr. Bailes says there is roughly  a 50% survival rate when it comes to subdural hematomas. Concussions are far more common. But neither are a reason, this father and doctor says, to keep kids away from the sport. He says parents need to weigh the pros versus the cons.

Meanwhile, the caringbridge website provides health updates on Drew. It also provides a place for people who wish to donate money to help the family. In just two days donations near $15,000.

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A high school football player who suffered brain damage and collapsed during a game remains in a coma on Wednesday.

“He’s coming around. He’s getting better everyday,” said Chris Williams, Drew Williams’ father.

The 17 year-old student at Lane Tech College Prep was injured in a game against Dunbar High School on Friday night. He played wide receiver and defensive back.

“They brought him to the sidelines. He was conscious and once he was on the sidelines, he fainted,” said Chris Williams.

Doctors say he suffered a collection of blood on the surface of his brain.

Williams’ family says his brain damage was so severe that surgery was needed to relieve pressure in his skull.

Williams was a two sport athlete, and played baseball and football. He is known as a kid who was full of energy, and always smiling.

“Everyone’s just rooting for Drew right now. We’re really hoping he recovers successfully because he was a well-known student, everybody loved him, he was just such positive energy,” said Camille Miranda, one his classmates

A fund is set up to help pay for his medical bills – to donate, go to:

A high school football star is fighting for his life on the South Side tonight days after he collapsed during a game.

The family of 17-year-old Drew Williams is searching for answers.

Last Friday, Lane Tech was playing Dunbar High School at Gately Stadium in what is being described as a hard hitting game.

Drew  is a senior defensive back and wide receiver.  It was early in the 3rd quarter when Drew limped off the field and collapsed.

Paramedics, were already standing by, as is customary at CPS football games.

Drew was taken to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and his family has been by his side ever since. They say the brain damage was severe. Surgery was needed to relieve pressure in his skull. Drew is in critical condition and in a coma.

Sources say footage of the game does not show any one single hit that sent Williams to the hospital.

Today his father said there appear to be signs of hope.

“He’s got some brain damage. Day by day he’s getting better,” said Chris Williams.

drew-williamsFellow teammates and classmates of Drew are cheering him on through social media.  Friend and family tell him to keep fighting and are asking everyone to pray for the Williams family.

A North Side student on the varsity football team remains hospitalized after he was seriously injured last week during a game.

Andrew Williams was injured at some point during the game against Dunbar High School at Gatley Stadium Friday, possibly suffering a concussion

“Over the course of the game it was pretty intense,” Drew’s father Chris Williams said.  “They brought him to the sidelines and he was conscious and once on the sidelines he fainted. We got him to the hospital as quickly as possible.”

Drew’s parents say the brain damage was severe enough that surgery was needed to try and reduce the pressure on his brain. Even so, the trauma was extensive and the damage severe.

Drew, as he’s known, is a bright student and a promising star athlete.

“A lot of people love him, and support him and that’s what we need at this time to recover from such a traumatic brain injury,” Chris said.

Lane Tech has already provided sessions for students so that they could talk about the tragedy and express their feelings.

Family and friends continue to hope Drew pulls through.