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Joliet house explosion possibly linked to missing woman

The house of a suspect in a missing person’s case exploded in in unincorporated Joliet Sunday night.

James Borg was the only person inside his  home at the time.

Borg is a suspect in the disappearance of his girlfriend 53-year-old Anne Gay who was last seen June 10th.

Investigators say its arson.

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A man has been charged with arson in the explosion that leveled a Joliet home this summer.
Police arrested James Borg this morning as he left the Rehab Institute. He was found in the wreckage of the home back in July.
Borg shared the house on South East Circle Drive with his now-missing girlfriend. Fire marshal investigators determined Borg may have cut the dryer’s gas line in the house and set the fire that caused it to explode on the evening of July 14th.
Borg is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow in Will County.
There are no new leads on girlfriend Anne Gay who has been missing since June 9th.

Family and friends of a missing Joliet woman held a search again today.

Anne Gay, 52,  was reported missing June 22 by her boyfriend, but her family says they haven’t heard from her since June 9th.

The home she rented with her boyfriend exploded and burned July 13th.

Her boyfriend, James Borg, was critically burned in that arson.

Fire officials say the fire was intentionally set and there was evidence that the gas line to the home’s dryer has been tampered with.

Investigators say Borg is a suspect in Gay’s disappearance, but he is still unable to speak with investigators.

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Police: House explosion caused by arson

Crews are working to remove the debris from a house explosion in unincorporated Joliet that authorities say was caused by arson.  The house belongs to a man who is a suspect in the disappearance of his girlfriend.

James Borg was the only person inside his  home when it exploded last night.  And, despite it damaging the house next door, Borg was the only one injured.

Investigators believe the explosion is connected to a missing persons case.

The last time Kimberly Dore ever heard from her mom, 53-year-old Anne Gay, was a voicemail she left on June 9th.  Gay was last seen June 10th. Her disappearance taking on added mystery today.  The home Anne shared with her boyfriend, 45-year-old Borg,  exploded last night in unincorporated Joliet.

Borg, a suspect in Anne’s disappearance suffered burns over 70 percent of his body.

Investigators say its arson.

Neighbors and family say the couple’s relationship wasn’t good.  There were 13 police calls to the home this year and neighbors heard arguments.

Kimberly says her mom was looking  to leave and get her life back together.

“She would never ever ever disappear from her family,” she said.  “So I just ask anyone with information To come forward In my mother’s disappearance So we can bring closure to my family”

Borg remains in the hospital, police have not said if he’s been able to give them any information regarding the explosion or the disappearance of Anne Gay.

Police say arson may be the cause of a house explosion in Joliet.

It happened late Sunday night on South East Circle Drive.

Firefighters had a difficult time battling the fire because there weren’t enough fire hydrants in the area.

A man who lives in the home was taken to Loyola Medical Center with burns to over 70% of his body.

A firefighter was also hurt at the scene but his injuries were not serious.

A dog was reportedly found underneath the rubble, and it survived.

The fire may have something to do with a case of a missing person, police said.

The missing woman is the injured man’s live-in girlfriend.

She was reported missing on June 22, but relatives say they have not heard from her since June 9.

Investigators also say it appears someone tampered with a gas line.

-Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.