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Joliet investigators were back on the scene Sunday in search for human remains after a skull was found in unincorporated Will County.

Surveyors discovered the human skull in a creek under a bridge on Rowell Avenue on  Thursday.

Sheriff’s police had cadaver dogs searching for other remains on Friday, but no more were found.

A forensic anthropologist will have to figure out the age and gender because the teeth are missing.

Investigators think the skull was in the creek for a while and was exposed when the water level dropped.

They say there is illegal dumping in the area and that the skull could have come from a medical school nearby.

Workers from Jackson Township in Will County discovered a human skull, authorities confirmed.

According to the Will County Sheriff’s Office, the skull was discovered Thursday in a creek in the area of Rowell and Manhattan Roads. They believe the skull may have been there for some time and had been submerged being exposed because the creek level dropped.

Sheriff’s crews remain on the scene with cadaver dogs to see if there are other remains. So far nothing has been found.

The age and gender will have to be determined by a forensic anthropologist. The teeth are missing, so dental records cannot be used.

The sheriff’s spokesperson tells WGN that people tend to dump garbage in the area, speculating that this could also be a skull used by a medical school.  Regardless, authorities are treating the discovery seriously.

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