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Fourth of July weekend violence in Chicago

Since Wednesday, July 3, gun violence has killed eight people, and wounded 30 others

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Charges are filed in the shooting of a 7-year-old boy on the Fourth of July. marshanbradley

Marshan Bradley, 21, was charged with aggravated battery and discharging a firearm.

He’s expected to be in court next week.

Christian Lyles is now home from the hospital.

He was shot in the neck on the Fourth of July at 85th and South King Drive in Cole Park, which is in the Chatham neighborhood.

Police believe a stray bullet hit Lyles.

Crime cases are piling up for Chicago police after a violent holiday weekend.

Since last Wednesday, 12 people have been killed and 74 others wounded.

Five of those shootings were in the 113th block of South Forest in the Roseland neighborhood Sunday.

A woman and four others got into an argument with the woman’s landlord.

Witnesses say the landlord pulled out a gun during the dispute and started shooting.

One man is in critical condition, the other four are in good condition.

A suspect has been arrested.

Chicago police are on the scene of a shooting on the south side in which four people were injured.

Chicago police say 3 males and 1 female were shot in the 11300 block of S. Forest in the Roseland neighborhood.

A person is in custody.

Area South police are investigating.

Check back for updates.

Nearly 70 people have been shot across the city and at least 11 have been killed. since the Fourth of July holiday weekend began on Wednesday afternoon.

A man was killed and seven other people were wounded in one incident alone.

Police say a van pulled up in the 2800 block of West Flournoy Street yesterday and two men inside the van begin firing at a group of people.

49-year-old Terry Patterson died.

The other seven victims were taken to Stroger and Mount Sinai Hospitals.

Crime SceneSeven people were shot and one victim died in a shooting in the Lawndale neighborhood near the intersection of South Francisco Avenue and Flournoy Street according to the Chicago Fire Department.

Neighbors said a group of friends were holding an early evening barbeque when someone drove up and began shooting at the crowd.

A 48-year-old man was killed in the shooting, but his name has not yet been released. Four are in critical condition at Stroger hospital while other victims are being treated at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Neighbors said the area is hotly contested by two rival gangs, but Eric Balark, a friend of one of the shooting victims, said the victims were mistakenly targeted.

“The victims are not gang bangers, wrong place wrong time,” Balark said. “Unfortunate, but we’ll still try to find out what happened.”

This Fourth of July weekend has become on of the deadliest and most violent weeks of the year with 67 people shot and 11 killed since July 3.

Two men are now charged with killing a man at 56th and Western Avenue near the Gage Park neighborhood on July 4.

A judge denied bail on Saturday for Tommie Harris, 25, and set bail at $500,000 for Quinton Humphries, 19.

They’re accused of shooting from their car and killing Shavonte Howard in the 5600 block of South Western Avenue just after noon Thursday.

Police said the men flashed gang signs at Howard while he was in another car, before opening fire.

Harris and Humphries are charged with first-degree murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

64-year-old Aurelia Wilbourn was pronounced dead at the scene at her home on the 10800 block of South Calumet Avenue at 10:35 a.m. Friday, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. Wilbourn was discovered  as a family member came to check on her.

Wilborn was found dead in a pool of blood in her garage, according to family. Her 2005 light grey Lexus, purse, keys and cell phone were missing.

Her son, Alexander Outten, says his mother lived in her home some 30 years, worked long hours as an accountant and was very active in the church and community.

Family and friends are hoping neighborhood cameras will hold answers to her puzzling death and anyone who may have played a part.

A Chicago police officer was injured during a traffic stop on Lake Shore Drive, that resulted in shots being fired.

It happened about 10:55 p.m. Friday night in the 5300 block of South Lake shore drive.

The officer was reportedly making a traffic stop when the driver of a BMW sedan he stopped attempted to drive away.

The officer tried to remove the keys from ignition, but ended up being  hit and dragged by the car.

copdraggedAccording to police, the officer’s partner fired several shots at the fleeing car, but the car was not hit.

A short time later, the BMW was recovered in the 6700 block of South Jeffrey Boulevard.

The driver of the car has not been found, police said.

The officer was transferred to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and is expected to recover.

gageparkmurderTwo men are due in bond court Saturday, in connection with a deadly Fourth of July shooting in the Gage Park neighborhood.

25-year-old Tommie Harris, and 19-year-old Quintion Humphries are charged with first-degree murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm.

They’re accused of killing Shavonte Howard in the 5600 block of South Western Avenue just after noon Thursday.

Police said the men flashed gang signs at Howard while he was in another car, before opening fire.

Chicago is coping again with deadly holiday violence: eight people have been killed since Wednesday and 30 have been wounded, including 5-year-old Jaden Donald

Jaden was shot just after midnight after someone opened fire on a crowd at Cooper Park, near 117th and Ada.

For his mother, Jasmine Dillon-Donald, there is only one question on her mind: “Why would you do something like this, why? Innocent kids, why…I just don’t understand.”

Dillon Donald said she heard about 30 rounds go off in the crowd and that she drove Jaden to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn since the paramedics did not react quickly. Jaden’s condition is still up in the air, and his mother hopes that he will survive.

“He’s undergone surgery already, but he needs several more,” said Dillon-Donald. “He’s not breathing on his own, the machine’s breathing for him.”

Jaden was not the only young shooting victim to pay a visit to Christ Hospital after the holiday festivities. Christian Lyles , 7, was shot in the neck last night on East 85th Street in the Chatham neighborhood.

After spending the night in the hospital Lyles was released earlier Friday and is expected to recover.