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Fatal pileup on Interstate 94 near Michigan City

Indiana State Police say weather did play a factor, and likely caused a fatal pileup near Michigan City.

Some 30 vehicles, including 15 semis involved in the wreckage, eastbound on I-94 at US 4-21.

At least two people are reported dead.  Seven of the injured went to St. Anthony Hospital. Three are in critical condition.

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The names of the three victims in the I-94 crash in Indiana have been released.

LaPorte County Coroner John Sullivan says husband and wife, Thomas and Marilyn Wolma, 67-years-old and 65-years-old, from Grand Rapids Michigan were killed.

The other fatality was Jerry Dalrymple, 65, from Chicago. He was headed to Laporte to visit relatives when he was killed. Jerry was pronounced dead at the scene. His dog also died in the crash.

They were all riding in cars.

Twenty people were injured in the crash and 17 of those people were taken to Franciscan St. Anthony Hospital in Michigan City.

Many of the victims were pulled from mangled cars wedged under trucks.

Two of the people who were injured are in critical conditions. Their names are Henry Imboden, 79, from Merrillville and Jeffery Renelle, 48, from Ada, Mich.

At least one paramedic was injured at the crash scene, another one suffered hypothermia.

The Laporte County coroner says the crash was the worst he’s seen in his entire career.

And, he says it’s a miracle more people weren’t killed.

Coolspring Fire Chief Mick Pawli spoke about the fatal I-94 pileup in Indiana, saying “This will live with us forever.”

Three people are confirmed dead and dozens of others were injured in a multi vehicle accident on Interstate 94 this afternoon.

The accident happened around 2pm and has shut down the east bound lanes near mile marker 36 near U.S. 421 near Michigan City, Ind.

According to the Indiana State Police, preliminary investigation indicates approximately 15 tractor-trailers and approximately 15 passenger vehicles and pickup trucks were involved in this incident.

Michael Sherrod arrived on the scene shortly after the accident, “there were people that got out of there cars just a couple people, not a lot of them.  I just seen screaming and rambling.”

Police say  snow, cold and wind have caused white out conditions and are asking motorists to stay of the Interstate, specifically from Michigan City east to the Michigan state line.

Indiana Department of Transportation says cleanup in underway and they are looking to re-open the Eastbound lanes by midnight.

Three people people are dead in a crash on Interstate 94 that involved about 40 vehicles.

20 people were injured.

Here are just a few photos from the scene of the crash.

Dixie Juchcinski was stuck in the backup after a multiple vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 94 near Michigan City. At least 2 people are confirmed dead.

Bill Barrow Franciscan St. Anthony in Michigan City talks about receiving patients from the fatal crash

Michigan City Police Lt. Jeff Ramion talks about fatal I-94 crash in Indiana

Two people are confirmed dead in a multi vehicle accident on Interstate 94 this afternoon.