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Having fun in the snow

Traffic headaches and shoveling backaches aside, the snow in the Chicago area also brings a lot of fun.

People all over Chicagoland embraced their snow day and enjoyed the day.

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Marcella Raymond takes out a 9-year-old while sledding down a hill

She did a repeat sledding stunt during Tuesday’s snowstorm. Watch it here.

Snow day means a fun day for Naperville kids.

WGN’s Marcella Raymond talk with kids on the sled hill and also gave it a whirl herself.

Snow is fun. That’s right, I said it. Today I went back to my old stomping grounds – the sledding hill near Meineke Pool, 220 E. Weathersfield Way in Schaumburg. We ran into a large group of high schoolers from both Schaumburg High School and Conant High School. Craziness ensued. Story posted above after it airs.

Snow day means play day for some Chicago students

Snow is slamming the Chicago area, and WGN Reporter Marcella Raymond decided to have a little fun on her assignment.

The threat of severe snow closed schools in Naperville, and many students enjoyed the day off with some sledding!

With schools in Naperville, Ill., closed because of the snow, there’s nothing left for kids (and dogs!) to do except go sledding.

There’s a Snow Day in Naperville, Ill., and tons of kids hit a local sled hill for some fun.