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Chicago cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina dies

Dennis Farina, the dapper, mustachioed cop-turned-actor best known for his tough-as-nails work in such TV series as “Law & Order,” “Crime Story,” and “Miami Vice, has died.

He was 69.

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Actor and Chicago-native Dennis Farnia was laid to rest today at a funeral in downtown Chicago.

There wasn’t a lot of fanfare.  In fact, the funeral was very un-Hollywood like. Dennis Farina, TV and movie star, in the end wanted to be known as just a regular guy

CTFL sun-1016-candid-candace MJW   Today’s funeral wasn’t attended by Hollywood heavy weights even though farina knew plenty of them.  The church was filled with family and close friends.  The priest who said the Mass at Assumption was one of them and said he and Dennis talked once a week when the 69-year-old learned he had lung cancer.  He said today that people are judged by the relationships they have and Dennis Farina had plenty of great ones.

Farnia accomplished a lot in his life.  He was a late bloomer to acting when, at 37, he fell into a role that started his second career.  Farina was mainly cast as a character actor, often as a gangster or cop.

But he also had great comedic timing, winning an American Comedy award for his character in Get Shorty.

Fans also came out today to honor him.

Farina is survived by three sons, six grandchildren, and his longtime partner, Marianne Cahill.

Denis Farina was 69.  Friends of the actor said he loved Chicago and he will be missed.


Family and friends prepare to say goodbye to former Chicago police officer-turned actor, Dennis Farina.
Dennis Farina died last week at 69 after a blood clot in his lung.
Doctors say Farina had been under treatment for lung cancer for several months.
Farina’s family held a wake tonight followed by a funeral at 10 tomorrow morning.
Farina is survived by three sons, six grandchildren and his long-time partner, Marianne Cahill.

A wake for Dennis Farina is planned for today on the Northwest Side. dennisfarina

The former Chicago police officer-turned actor died last week from a blood clot in his lung.

His wake begins at 4 p.m. at the Montclair Lucania Funeral Home on west Belmont.

Farina’s funeral is Tuesday morning at Assumption Catholic Church on west Illinois Street.

There’s newly released information that’s coming out on the health of Chicago actor Dennis Farina at the time of his death.

Doctors have confirmed that the former “Law and Order” star was battling lung cancer when he died on Monday.

The late actor’s cardiologist said that Farina did have a a small cancer 13 years ago that was treated, but over the last several months there was a recurrence for which he was being treated again.

CTFL sun-1016-candid-candace MJW

Over the weekend a blood clot developed in his lung, there was also a call to 911 from Farina’s home in Arizona saying that he was having trouble breathing.

It had never before been reported he had cancer.

Farina was 69 years old.

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Remembering Dennis Farina: Chicago cop turned actor

Friends, colleagues and fans remember the career of Chicago Police officer turned movie actor Dennis Farina who died tragically at the age of 69.

WGN’s Dean Richards interviews Actor and Chicago native Joe Mantegna on the passing of Dennis Farnia

Dean’s List

Chicago cop-turned actor Dennis Farina dies

From Chicago beat cop to Hollywood movie star, Dennis Farina, truly one of Chicago’s Very Own, died unexpectedly Monday.

He was 69.

Dean Richards has more on his life and legacy.

Hollywood actor and Chicago native Dennis Farina tipped his hat to the Second City posthumously today.

In lieu of flowers, anyone making a donation in honor of his death will be sending their money to the 100 Club of Chicago. The organization helps families financially after they have lost a loved one in the line of duty. These are families of firefighters, police officers among others.

Farina, a Chicago cop for 18 years before he began to act, cut two public service announcements for the 100 Club. His friend of 30 years, Joe Ahern, said Farina is a Chicagoan through and through.

“He never forget where he came from,” Ahern said.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy issued the following statement about Farina:

“The entire CPD family was saddened to hear of the passing of Dennis Farina, a legendary character actor who was a true-blue Chicago character.  After an 18-year career in the Chicago Police Department, Dennis had a wonderful second act in life, bringing his distinctive Chicago voice and values to millions of people.  No matter how far he got, Dennis never forgot where he came from, and while he was cherished by audiences around the world, he will always be first and foremost a guy from the Near North Side who helped make this city safer.  We respect him for his service, we regard him for his talent, and we will remember him always.”

Ahern, with the 100 Club, believes services for Farina will be held in Chicago sometime early next week.

For more information, got

Dean’s List

Remembering Dennis Farina

WGN Entertainment Critic Dean Richards takes a look at the career of the Chicago cop-turned actor Dennis Farina. He died today at the age of 69.

Actor Dennis Farina, who passed away today, appeared at the 2011 Chicago International Film Festival in support of the film he was starring in, “The Last Rites of Joe May.”